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Joe Budden

"Fire (Yes Yes Y’all Remix)"

[Intro: Joe Budden] (Redman)
Let me just make this statement (uh!)
Loud and clear - Jersey's here (yeah!)
Some dude's got problems wit me
Over there - I ain't care
Some people see me creep (Jersey!)
They mack all type - that's alright
You know I slurp my drink (Brick City!)
I'm clipped inside - kids aight (Just Blaze!)

[Verse: Joe Budden]
Yes y'all it's the one and only (what else?)
And I came to have fun, here homie (what else?)
And I came wit a ton of money (but!)
Don't get it twisted the gun is on me (now)
This chick's wit her man frontin on me
I'll holla at her when she done wit homie
Cause, Jump Off I got a ton of grown freaks
One named Tasha, one named Monique
One's diva'd out, keep her make-up tight
She got her good heels on wit her Jacob ice
And ma love to club, so she stay up nice
And she give me brains just the way I like!
One's real ghetto, don't give a reason
She knows I'm not her man, she don't riff bout cheating
Joey only go to her crib on weekends
Real real late when the kids are sleeping
'Tis the season, no more BS music
Watch and learn, see us do this
Geeks here's new sh*t
Playboy I keep exclusives to make dudes see less units (c'mon!)
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