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Joe Budden

"If All Else Fails"

[Intro - Joe Budden - talking]
Mic check, one two, one two
This what the f*ck I'm talkin about right here though
You ready Parks?

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Check it (woo!), if all else fails, I get back to what I know
Ratchet for my foes (uh), watchin for informants, take a stab at it with snow
Long john jacket for the cold, some habits are hard to outgrow
I work so hard, you think the studio's my lodge inn
If all else fails (what?)
I don't have a doubt that I'd be back in that studio apartment
Gettin it in, closet size living room and the kitchen's my den
Playin lotto, hopin numbers'll save the day
Back to price checking, back to layaways
Since I ain't never hit nothin like a bad fadeaway
Back to the corner, takin a bag of haze to face
Basic flow, when I tried to get my cake to grow (what?)
I hit the pawn shop and turn into Trader Joe
Sheisty kid, yack ya jewels while they glistenin
Snatch the hearing aid from a senior, while they listenin
If all else fail, don't know where I'd be
Scratch that, probably at home, nowhere to be
Or probably f*ckin a broad that, I treat like a floor mat
Ugly enough to cover her face when a gauze pad (uh)
And that's a step down from my New York rat
That ride it like a horse back (uh), with the horse back
But it won't fail, so if you try to rob the kid
Banana clips by the bed'll put a stop to it
Nevermind that, first you gotta beat the guard
I can change the channel on my TV and see the yard
If it all failed, I'm ready for the scam
Forgin fake checks screamin �Catch Me If You Can�
If all else fails, I'd be out pullin Jerz capers
Knowin me, I'd be best friends with my worst haters
Uh, I'd be dustin off the AR or be behind state bars, for jackin a bait car
If all failed, I'd be right back in them block cyphers
Just to show these local n*ggas I'm a lot nicer
Cause the less you succeed, the more you loved for it
While the more you achieve, the more you snubbed for it
If all else failed and my pockets were empty
Everything I despised, I'd probably envy
Ignorant sh*t rappers floss that offends me
Cause I wouldn't be able to attain it, it would tempt me
Frontin in my man's Maserati
I might bag somethin with a modest body, from a college party
Next morning hungover so she can't remember
I would deck my whole crib out from Rent-A-Center
If all else failed and I ain't get a break yet
I'd get unemployment while collectin a paycheck
Would it mean I wasn't built for the bright lights?
Say goodbye to front row seats at fight night
If it all failed, I'd have a pretty common future
From a Chart House n*gga to a Ramen noodler
Would my girl say you no longer attract me
Pack up all her sh*t and head South with an athlete?
My name would hold no weight, so I'd lose the perks
OD on OxyContin, abuse the percs
I'd be a felon gettin my scriptures tatted on (uh)
First 48 star gettin ratted on
If all else fails, I wouldn't take precaution
New hooptie every month would be my way of flossin
And the crib would be an all night party
With six baby moms, then I'd Jet 'em like Cromartie
Uh, fantasizin the girls I could of dated
Hood referrin to 'em as the one that could of made it
Uh, I'd be the only one who cares
Or am I just recitin my fears as they appear?
Shouldn't of even put the idea in the air
Cause it's not possible, let's make that clear baby (ta)

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