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Joe Budden


Uh, yeah, uh
Joe Jeter’s finest
It’s what they wanted right?
Okay, okay

No need to remind em, look they can’t find em
Haters can’t line em, labels can’t sign em
Chicks wanna suck on di*k but he decline em
School wouldn’t want two June to realign em
Redesign em, pleasure and pan rock bottom
Reign laced we damn straight out the same asylum
God’s favourite, spit a few bars to play with
New cause is the basics
Moving stars through the matrix
Who lie, who lie, bring the greens and bravos
We done seen the cycle
Give these feigns some agua
At the Bugatta, just a hoe and you chilling
It’s your boy in the building
I’m back with coordinated killing
Damned for a dog, pulled around with a snout
Getting her to to show him love
Outta town in them clubs
Hands faded, no offence, I am the greatest
First thing all the ladies mention me with the majors, majors

Yep, tell you once but won’t tell you twice
Like my man AZ said, everything goes up
Mention us with the majors
My man MoSS on the beat
Let’s you know it’s all real
That’s why we keep doing it big
No small things around us, that’s how we started
Can’t forget that, I’m a give you an example
Now we have Joe Budden, showing up
What you gon’ do?
Talk to em
Bet that, talk to em then

At the drop o’ one dime
No bread, one crime
Blue suits, side rims, so that’s one time
Nick Cannon run wild
f*ck a con, but you going for a punchline
Watch sunshine
Sacrifice winning with somber on your mind
Ain’t looking cause I don’t wanna wonder what I find
My head’s to the wall, shades off, I’m a head to the fall
Lil’ n*gga, if you scared get a door
Eyes well running,slash in the room running
Whole friend footed like we just keep it a hunnid
Steady fasting, ride the coupe or you gon’ plummet
It come with the territory
Get rid of your weak stomach
f*ck man, f*ck man, f*ck man

Okay, okay, okay
My man MoSS on the beat
But look, look, look
Look, look, look

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