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Joe Budden

"What’s the Word (Remix)"

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Jump off! The Remix
Lil' Kim, Joe Budden
Beehive, you see I....

[Verse One: Joe Budden]
I'm on the grind, hit Harlem shake me
(?) I ain't gotta problem lately, still see me hurting you rappers
Low finger on the triggers, all my A-K work with the clappers
Listen, anybody trynna rob me for jewels
You must've seen that third story sh*t, you got me confused
Go 'head, dukes keep laughin' dudes keep baffin'
The only time I box in it, is in a new G-Wagon
I ask n***as to gimme that, had out album, but I want Biggie back
Got against you and your faggot kid folk it's just me tearin' up the
It's all wrinkle gotta album that's better than your single
It's real n***a, you frontin' your homie, you frontin' you phoney
You know your boy gettin' done by the One and Only

[Hook: Joe Budden] (Lil' Kim)
(What's The Word?) He's up to new good y'all
(What's The Word?) We keep it so good y'all
(What's The Word?) Still movin' the herd
(?) Still doin' the third
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