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Joe Budden

"Get the Picture"

[Intro] (Joe Budden Speaking)

Lord, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
And the courage to change the things i can
And the wisdom to know the difference

[Verse 1]

Lord im trying to keep good faith
But it seems like I'm the n*gga that the hood hates
Did my dirt, thought I was past that
Lord I feel like I'm being laughed at
I got some issues they making me wanna backtrack
I tried to talk about it, less as I could
But I'm starting to feel strange when I'm repping my hood
Some haters they trying to make me rumble
See me headed for the goal with the ball they trying to make me fumble
It's some bullsh*t, beef back around the way
Should I pick up the pound tre, blow these clowns away?
Catch 'em puffing on a ounce of yay
Drive by, let a couple of rounds spray, then bounce to VA?
Should I ask God to show me a sign, had to see something?
Totally forgetting about the fact I gotta see it coming
Worse case scenario is you and me dead
Cause some n*ggas dont get the picture 'til the eulogy's said
Lord I can't to talk to n*ggas, their ears won't listen
And if I do whats in my nature...there's no missing
See I tried to avoid beefing
But if I pop this n*gga then f*ck it...everything happens for a reason
Lord grant me serenity to not murder my enemies
Doing a 100 on Kennedy 'til the feds finish me
Mouse'll do the gat sh*t, put a tool to the bast*rd
Joe says to kill 'em breathing and pursue this rap sh*t
Fall back or c*ck back, I ain't fighting no more
I tried to show n*ggas love and they ain't like what they saw
Lord this gotta be me with 2 guns on my waist
Cause what I look like, running away, never the case
Throwing blows at my set gettin bold with threats
Only reason your block breathing is I sold my tech
Now snakes are gettin smarter
And when the haters wanna hear something in particular they listen harder
I left town looked that sh*tty coming back
But f*ck I'm just tryin to put my city on the map
It's becomin to be a problem that I rap this hard
I tried to start the takeover and come back for ya'll
Lord should I start to war wit a bunch of felons?
Should I hold the city hostage put it under surveillance?
Somebody's trying to knock down the sh*t that I built
Is that enough to make me live with the guilt? answer back
What if I get off family grieving within?
Friends sayin what a great rapper he could have been
But Lord if that happens then revenge is next
What if my dogs get killed tryin to avenge my death?
I'm thinkin all love ya thinking the kid is nervous
I think partners, you think I reneged on purpose
Should I shed the blood of a cat I once shed blood for?
Should i kill a n*gga that I once had love for?
Aight partner since you love to hate
Wanna play the ace of hearts like I won't cut with a spade
Figure worse case scenario is you and me dead
Lord this n*gga won't get the picture til the eulogy's said

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