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Joe Budden

"Hottest in da Hood [Freestyle]"

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Padded Room yeah, in stores now
And the beat goes on (x2)
And the beat go
And the beat goes on (x2)
And the beat go
Im the dopest n*gga in the hood (x3)
Im the dopest n*gga

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
The game don’t need changing
It just need to be remodeled or renovated
Yeah it need to be renovated
Said it twice, felt I had to reiterate it
You can’t rap, bump Joe; I can demonstrate it
Since I made it, changed my whole outlook on music
If it don’t make sense don’t make it
With no resources, options eliminated
Still look at all the income I generated
I've been degraded, now I’m imitated
But I’m too real, there’s no show, you can’t syndicate it
I know why they out there tryna mimic greatness
Cause when they look in the mirror they get intimidated
And that’s real appalling
They tried to blackball me I went and got a deal through Spaulding
Don’t play with a vet, place bets I’m fly
You Farve, Brett just get out the way of a Jet
Tee chucks is mean, like my deluxe with a beam
Get you clipped from the touch of a screen
If it ain’t about a buck or a C.R.E.A.M
Then my mind get Christina Milian
Dog f*ck your Dream, go ahead oust yourself
Go to the top of the Empire State and Ron Browz yourself
Got the brain of genius, lie like a crooks mouth
Drive like a dope boy, eyes of a lookout
Great accountant, everythings off the books now
Temper of a shooter, no prints on the Ruger
And they’ll put it on my tab
And they’ll treat you like a new outfit
They’ll fold you and put you in a bag, dag
Hit the mall hard, ball hard, spending more yards
I’m a Nordstrom’s second floor star
Check the score card, homies hate that I ball hog
But can’t Street Fight with Balrog
From store robber to for sure copper
With a model, a jaw dropper, drawl dropper
And I let her walk in first to make sure I got her
Cause y’all won’t even get a hello when y’all stop her
Between old timers, and those minors
There’s no rhymes, but to they credit they need co-signers
Done beefin’, won’t respond to nobody
That’s a lie, just won’t respond to a nobody
See I’m just tryna pave the way
Get away from my ways, or put a new play on stage
Cause I used to cook up on a day to day
Put it in a pot, this is way before Rachel Ray
In a fashion, But I ain’t on the ‘Swagger’ van
Gave half a damn, when my aunt dated Dapper Dan
But If I see jewels (Juelz) on a dull lame
I’ma take his face off so he can rep the Skull Gang
Catch me when I’m flaring up
And I’ma make sure that when it All Falls Down, you staring up
Ain’t got a real chance
Your swag is like Real and Chance
I need about a few Mill in advance
I grind to earn me a bag of soft money
Pad and loft money, Bernie Madoff money
To see how a few dudes hate
I make more than a yearly income off my Youtube page
I think the haters love him, fans hate him
Chicks mad at his chicks ass, they can’t date him
Why carry tools, get mad at fools
And in New York they just a zero
Call 'em Larry Hughes
It’s the best rapper in the world wide web
And you can tell the world I said
Take off the wide web and it still applies
Sad part is I’m still on the rise
Check me out now

And the beat goes on (x2)
And the beat go
And the beat goes on (x2)
And the beat go
Im the dopest n*gga in the hood(x3)
Y'all already know..*repeat with fade*

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