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Joe Budden

"Updated Lyrics for Eminem’s Part in EM360 Rap City BackRoom"

A'yo can we cut this beat off?

I might need to do this acapella!

[Main Verse]
1 - Yo

2 - Role model

3 - I’ll roll a model down a hill over broke
Bottles of Coke products if she don’t

4 - And tie her to the bumper hit the throttle
While I’m tryna hit the pot holes

5 - I’ll freak‘in take Madonna to McDonald's

6 - Any ho will end up horizontal

7 - Getting’ fondled

8 - I don’t cuddle

9 - I don’t coddle

10 - Only motto that I follows anything that I

11 - Whether it’s a Navajo or a Tahoe

12 - It’s got one up in it

13 - Nah ho

14 - I don’t got no freaking Bronco

15 - You looking for a buck

16 - Get a Horse

17 - f*ck Tonto

18 - I got a rusty Honda with some Bondo and a
Box of Condoms you little blond ho

19 - f*ck me?

20 - f*ck you too!

21 - Like I’m at Bonnaroo Booing Bono

22 - And I ain't from this Planet so Nano

23 - Nano Nano

24 - I’m intolerable

25 - Too volatile

26 - Screw it

27 - I don’t got too make the honor roll to be on
A roll

28 - I don’t know much

29 - What I do know I do it pronto though

30 - So knock it off all these knock off me’s

31 - The last thing the world needs is another

32 - But if you think this is part 2 to Recovery

33 - Or Love the Way You Lie part 12

34 - Or something heart felt

35 - You bout to make a discovery

36 - Like you found Christopher Columbus’s

37 - Ain’t dumb-ing sh*t down for you dumb
Motherf*ckers so suck it

38 - I took your best punchline like a punch in
The stomach that punctured a lung punk
And I’m still functioning from it!

39 - Chump it was nothing

40 - Now watch while I f*ck one up it and toot
My own horn

41 - Once I think of something to trump it

42 - And I don’t need a f*cking instrument to
Sound off like the trunk of an elephant the

43 - Return of the ether spitting retard reborn

44 -But chances of you having another re-birth

45 - Slim to none

46 - Like a skinny mother Teresa

47 - Give a f*ck if it’s Easter

48 - So kiss my Kester

49 - Cause that’s the only thing I’ll turn the
Other cheek for

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