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Joe Budden


Time goes by, puffin' on lye
Hoping that it gets me by, got a n*gga going crazy

Some n*ggas wanted to kill me, got locked up and never found me
So my goal is to catch a charge in that same county
Picture me gettin' bumped for a silly hand-off
The bullpen's f*cked up, just ask Willie Randolph
See I could pop a few nickel plated Glocks too
It's easier to kill n*ggas than it is not to
I let the pot brew, then the plot grew
It the labels job to label you don't fit it and they'll drop you
Finally made a move on something, I been saw
Sometimes you got to lose the fight
If you tryin' to win the war, I'm focused on tomorrow
I'm done seein' my friends in the rearview, thinkin' we really closer than we are
f*ck the record label
No relation or correlation all my admiration just turned aggravation they say
How you sit so long when you spew classics
I tell n*ggas I can't understand that's, that blue magic
The rap game as is either you on some snap sh*t
Or plan ol' stuck in a different decade like the brat is
I hear n*ggas joints and take it personal WHY
Now everybody want to spit about their personal lives
Before that was non existent
Me I'm an addict with an addition for anything that seems to cause friction
Maybe I'm in a relationship with bad Karma
What her past the somber maybe I attract drama yeah
Undoubtedly my life is on some VH1 sh*t
Just adding some salt and pepper to reality while
Other artists is obsessed with more toys
Like Lex coup, Beemers, and Benzes -- they're lost boys
Un I kept brushing off my shoulder till the chip was going
Left the benz at the dealers till the kit was on
I don't feel n*ggas songs
So while ya'll at the awards
I'm loading up on ratches that's the tip I'm on
Flow is on acid I swear I would have the game mastered
If I wasn't so busy carrying baggage
Calling god a bast*rd
Calvin look way different in person
Then they had him looking in his casket
I'm looking in his casket like he had no face
I was at a lost for words like Fiasco gate
So I figured I say a prayer for em got on my knees quick
And realized "I DON'T EVER PRAY UNTIL I NEED sh*t"
My soul achin trying to stay low maintenance
I'm stuck in hell waiting on
Blessing with no patience
I done made the Ave hot
Been had to stab shot
Waiting on my jackpot
Always been a have not
Always been an under dog little guy still try
Cause I think I'm a cash cow they treat me like I'm milk dry
Juggling nickels and dime I'm walking a fine line
Sometimes you got to just breath maybe give time, time
Give me a sign kind of shock he won't
See I want another baby but my pockets don't
Normally that wouldn't bother me
Till I wake up and get the paper and
Read that some rich n*gga won the lottery
Young black and shameless
Shorty keep beefing about the same sh*t
Almost like yelling her second language
Why do I entertain it
Listen we been arguing about everything for ages do it ever change sh*t
Wind up igging each other for the whole week
It's a lot of men in this world baby you chose me like I chose you
We been rocking for years you signed up
You not a victim, you a volunteer, it's weird
I'm not a cheater, on occasion still f*ck a b*tch
Who knows why, maybe just to feel coveted
I'm me, she's her, we both had enough of it
But won't leave, we the only ones who put up with it
In all areas its like my stocks crashing
Wishing all these old motherf*ckers would stop rapping
Tryna be tasteful, not mad or rageful
Upset or hateful, not complacent, I'm grateful
And I don't wanna resort back to my old ways
There's no stairway to heaven less you the...

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