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Joe Budden

"Fight Klub"

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Ladies and gentlemen!
Frequency, I present
The new fight club up in this b*tch (Slaughterhouse)
We go by the name of Slaughterhouse
And we outta here, only one rule
No rule, no rule

[Crooked I]
Joey, no rules, gunshots, no prob
No jewels, n*ggas say I got robbed
I'm still wearin my bling
And f*ck first class, I fly standin on Virgin America's wing
Nuts hang, knockin down skyscrapers
Take a p*ss, make it rain, I'm the American dream (uhh)
Make it rain, I ain't Pacman Jones
n*gga, balls and my word all a black man owns

[Joe Budden]
If you in that man's zone, how you figure to gain?
Can't bowl a 300 in another n*gga lane
Better aim, you dealin with a 7-10 split

[Crooked I] That's Long Beach cause we on some 7-10 sh*t

[Joell Ortiz]
I've been nice since "227" man, sh*t
I am sick and I'm never gettin better, that's it
(Slaughterhouse) Give me somethin sharp to sever that prick
Like a group broke up I will dismember that clique

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm a veteran, remember that sh*t
We some internet rappers, then why you on our internet di*ks?
We'll be there when it's war callin
Either we high or we fly or the floor fallin
I'm a Tommy gun - it ain't no best
The rap game like a St. Louis versus New York battle, nobody won
A bunch of f*ckin 2's and 3's like zone defense

[Joe Budden]
{*sighs*} Please get at dudes Ortiz (nah, you beast 'em)
Hold up won't stop, can't stop, thank pops
Hard-headed, gotta hit a wall first like a bank shot
Get it clear - a cokehead's a thin line
Between friend or foe, won't let this sh*t disappear
This fiscal year I'mma stay hot buzzin
With dudes that help me shoot like A-Rod cousin
Walk in my shoes and your feet get callous
From Jersey City to Caeser's palace
I speak with malice just to make sure the streets get salvaged
Real talk, where would all us be without us?
Slaughterhouse no fear - too many dudes
Tyson Chandler tried to leave they team and went nowhere

[Crooked I]
Like Tyson Chandler in the past n*ggas on some bullsh*t
Royce, tell Preme I got a full clip (whoa!)
n*ggas used to run when they saw Suge's face
Faster than Joey and Joell in a foot race
Now you ask me where the incident took place
Don't check the internet, check hood space
You dealin with some intelligent creatures
I don't touch guns, I draw with telekinesis
No fingerprints on Crooked's mag
I'm mixed with good and bad like the Goodfellas and Jesus
First Biggie and Jay made it
I'll leave a bandana at your murder and make it gang related
The b*tch at the Shonie's told me homie

[Joell Ortiz]
Ortiz, I'm the one and only
Pick a spot, I pick apart you dudes who pick a part
This ain't a movie, I feel bad like lookin at a pic of 'Pac
n*ggas hearts gettin sparked every time I give a arc
To my wrist and it twists like a spliff when I'm sittin in the park
Tall corny n*ggas ain't makin a bigger mark
I'll boost drugs, what I does got 'em runnin to get a NARC
You guppies unlucky, you in a tank with a shark
Teeth crooked like my dog who just finished a vicious bark

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Flick a dart through your top hat
Weak MC's you cannot rap; Freq', where the drop at?
Now you mad at Tahiry cause your ass ain't famous
Get it n*gga? Your "ass" ain't famous
Quit talkin 'bout me cause ya ass ain't dangerous
They call me Hustler because my mag game heinous
Show up to Detroit thinkin +Everybody Love+ you
And I'mma come and show you that ya ass ain't +Raymond+
Dumbin every line - me f*ckin b*tches
Like the cops after a murder, they c*mmin/comin every time
Shell-toes and Wissam jacket, the contractor
Still pushin elbows like a linebacker
And y'all playin - my worldwide b*tches
On my worldwide watch, I call it the broadband

[Outro: Crooked I]
Y'all know what it is man
I know you got that "Padded Room", ow!
That motherf*ckin "Free Agent" comin soon
"Street Hop"! Yeah, hahaha
You mighta heard the rumors
They thought it was, three quarters of the Slaughter left
Yeah {*laughs*}
Ay, with friends like mine you don't need enemies
BLAOW! You do the math
Let me drink this motherf*ckin vodka and tell you one thing
We outta here, OWWWWW! {*laughs*}
Ohhhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiii-IT!

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