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Joe Budden

"This Is For"

This one's for the huh huh x2
For my own home yea
Now this one's for the streets, n*ggas holding blocks down for keeps
Selling their body trying to eat, yes now this is for my home
Where I lay my dome for rest, this is for my n*ggas smoking ses
(Hey) now this is for my block, running from cops trying to live
This is for my mom's shedding tears, (hey) now this one's for my n*ggas that have passed away gone
You better know you got to hold it down round here

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
This is for the streets and the hood, this for the people want to see what's good
This for the people that's down about being down and out and for my three strike n*ggas trying to flee on foot
For my n*ggas that a murk that K off or my dogs that a work that yay off
Or if you got to go to work no days off or if you ain't got a job got laid off
I'd f*ck a million off rap, this if you dealing out crack or feeling out [?] I'm feeling you scratch
The city housing ceiling is cracked so if you boosting stealing off Racks, like f*ck whatever mom's and steals cause you black
Now let's take the ghetto and go deep inside it, hoodie always trying to keep sh*t quiet
Keep sh*t private, keep dividing
They don't want America to see inside it, they don't want America to see the riots
Act a fool like when they blast a tool, like when they robbing they mobbing
Ain't no option, they be doing what they have to do
Dude's is snitching and there's narcs on the strip so they must have got a new suspicion
Dude's is tricking, cash is low so on the weekends probably got their main boo's stripping
Steak-outs, I need a way out and when I make out trust it I'm a stay out
And I'd be caked out that's a safe route, y'all can kill each other all day now
Cause I'm sick of all, from the bodegas, chinese joints, and the liquor stores
Like just get rid of it all, they only exhibit for n*ggas to fall
But n*ggas is quick to ignore, prohibit a n*ggas to saw
Or gripping the pistols and fours and getting you n*ggas in court and filling the prisons with y'all
These n*ggas is forgetting the system is [bored] persistent on ditching the people
The [sticks] and the whores live with the pigeons up north, now what you petitioning for?
Etcetera, no the hood won't hold me down I stay one step ahead of ya'
And if it comes down to it I'd die for this, dude's loss they life over pettier
The muggings, the rapes, and the looting, the shooting, the danger, the rage and the fury the banger cage in the jury
They all out for me I got a mouth to feed so f*ck stress my baby mama gives
f*ck stick up boys and the foes that know where my baby mama lives
I'm back in it that rented or that with the tax [tangent] stash in it
Trying to grow but I'm trapped in it n*gga, [glass tinted] n*gga
Bad tempered n*gga, Blat at a n*gga yea I'm pass betting n*gga chill
Let me breathe, at times I get upset when I'm trying to rep
And there's always a n*gga in debt and there's always a n*gga to step
And there's always a n*gga you met and there's always a n*gga you let
Hood's filthy, verdicts in and the hood's guilty
Double edge swore, cause the hood'll kill me but the hood feels me
If you make it then put a glass up toast motherf*cker, it's the oath motherf*cker
It's the growth motherf*cker!


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