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Joe Budden

"n*ggas Done Started Something Freestyle"

[Joe Budden]
Can't clone these thoughts
They tryna tear down the homie fort
It's a waste of time I stay on my grind, I'm Tony Hawk
Easy with the hate, let a n*gga see a mill first
I ain't into local beef, get a deal first
I bubble these toys, the trouble me boy
But I won't fall off, I ain't Trouble T Roy
f*cker -- don't make me put the thing to your bill
Cause dog you like wrestling, I used to think you was real
Dog, I used to just chill in the hood with no stardom
Now I'm killing the kids, I suffer from postpartum
Don't understand how you cowards be eating
It's time to cough it back up, son it's allergy season
For real, too petty, sunny I move deadly
The jewels heavy, pearl's blue it's like the new Pepsi
And if I'm mad witcha, pull the gat quicker
That'll ruin your Grey Goose and I don't mean bad liquor
The underdog, son I move too greasy
They treat me like De La Hoya, thought dude could beat me
Nah -- I lay low in the coupe when I ride n*gga
With a fly stripper and it's not cause I'm a nice tipper
Icy hot, I'm just getting my wealth
The baby's .45, we both contradicting ourselves
They probably more upset
See me ride by with Ortiz Claudette in a beach Corvette
If it's a problem son tell me now
Have band-aids over your face, you overdoing Nelly's style
Haters wanna get their click-clack on
If you don't like my music, it's alright brother skip that song

I wanna see how many n*ggas will rep
When I scream out Jersey, I ain't talking about Mitchell & Ness
I'm talking about getting respect
I'm talking about taking one cig out the pack and dippin the rest
You don't really want a problem with me
I hit your body with three and have you shaking like Mohammad Ali
Now you know you done started something
We three n*ggas from the hood, so you better bring your hawk or something
Can't hustle so you better get a job or something
I rather hit the block, [?] Jaws or something
Hitchc*ck, Ransom, and we involving Buddens
So if you got beef forget it because dog it's nothin
I walk around with the vest and the shotty
If I get locked up, they'll put me in the same section as Gotti
Come on dog you ain't catching a body
If I jumped in your arms you probably still couldn't catch you a body
Ain't a n*gga tryna son Ran, cause that's dumb plan
When the gun blam, I give your body a sun tan, man

First of all, don't make me have to murder y'all
Second of all, don't make me put this weapon to y'all
Third of all, I never even heard of y'all
Last of y'all, don't make me have to blast for y'all
Cause if you sleep I'm a blaze ya, keep heat by my pager
If streets was my major, I would pass it all
I'm MVP of streets before I pass the ball
Shut down the game so I'm the last to ball
I laugh at y'all, talking about your cash and cars
Hitch ridiculous, spit acid bars
That'll melt your face, playa I'll belt your face
With my name on a buckle that'll welt your face
You the type to take the stand and help the case
Even your moms disowned you, you a felt disgrace
Hitchc*ck's a bast*rd case, that'll blast your face
Black n*ggas talking religious like Pastor Ma$e
[?] hawk and a biscuit, now pass the safe
Unmask a face, get your ass erased

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