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Joe Budden

"F5 (Furiously Dangerous)"

[Refrain: Claret Jai]
We're so furiously dangerous

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
Death by lyrical injection, I kill you rappers
A lotta green with a yellow complexion
Women call me the Green Bay Packer
I pack the zero's, meaning mucho dinero
So paid, rappers is waitin’ on trades
And they all gettin' Knicked like Melo

Hello, Luda
Tell theses other boys double up
Cause I got some work all on my waste but I call it a tummy tuck
My every records jumpin', or playin' double dutch
I sh*t on rappers every verse just got the bubble guts

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Let me tell this to the people not understandin' my moxy
Animal, watch me if you think it's tangible, stop me
But then I hit 'em with a flow that they can't even copy
See we don't play that where I'm from it's like fantasy hockey
Sup with the dog, thugs want a war
Bad GM, what you want to trade slugs with him for
While you cuffin 'em all, I'm stuffin' her jaw
Then leave 'em for you to rebound
Kevin Love on the boards

Dog, you and your skill retard hard from of our squad
I'll put you on a crash course in a Smartcar
While I'm speedin' not relyin' on the brake pad
In a car that you should only drive on a race track
So the lines about your phantoms and your Maybach
Are ghost tales of the phantom, face facts
You ruined hip-hop
Slaughterhouse will payback
Get in shape and a tatt
We done faded to black
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