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Joe Budden

"Spring Training"

Nah, we ain't even in the same class
We ain't the same type of n*ggas
Yeah we both in the Escalade, but (spring training)
'Bout 40,000 dollars difference on this one (uh, uh)
You got me f*cked up (y'knahmean, TALK TO 'EM!)
Check this, Joey (TALK TO 'EM!)

Look, we gon' need more than a block, we monopolizing
Nah, I'm not rapping, I'm prophesying
Quite simply, seat back, diamond white Bentley
Approach it I might empty, since I never gave a FLUCK
Ain't nothing you can say that might offend me
Not when only reason shorty's in the ride is to Karrine me
When you do a little better they begin to hate ya
So I keep animals with me, it's just in my nature
If you don't wanna hear the real then I ain't finna make ya
You just keep hearing what's coming from them incinerators
But when they show the hatred is when you know you made it
Me, I been to hell and back the sh*t is over rated
But every day could be your last, so if trouble met me
He'll be with a few of Viagras and a couple Beckys
You want a crash course? Know the damages
I promise y'all that if I got high I'd smoke Canibus
From best to worst, from legend to barely here
Since they repo'd your prime this sh*t ain't really fair
Losing his mind, somebody better set him straight
Lost Buckingham Palace, now it's Section 8
In '012, why rep that hard?
And who the FLUCK dug him up from Wyclef's backyard?
But off him, not a part of you is trife
And you can't afford the drama when your Arsonal's a knife
No heart in you to survive, n*gga living like an orphan
Beefing 'bout Jersey but you living in New Orleans
I ain't even got to stab you, far from a threat
I don't get why a Hitman felt he needed to Holla at you
Come to rapper sh*t, you real bad at matching wits
I'm better with a badder b*tch, how I'm not the catalyst?
When the shots finish flying I bury the biscuit
I fall off the same day Tyler Perry admits it
But what stifles me is how you sit back and idly
Call this a rivalry when your idol's me
How you throw a shot at everything you try to be?
Sad part is nothing in your life coincides with me
Now tell me that's your strategy son
The clip's extended, they looking like Natalie Nunn
Sayin' we can blow the shotties how is he supposed to stop me?
As a hobby I get high inhaling decomposing bodies
And if you decide to cross Joe, I'll be waiting with a crossbow
And feed his torso to my baby cane corso
sh*t has gone far enough, it's time to finish this
Should stop starting chess matches 'gainst the limitless
Friends with my foes so my peers are annoyed
Everyday they just watch me cry tears of joy
I don't care for the ploy, came up from being hella broke
You think the fans are buying music, I'm selling hope
Here's some insight homie, f*ck making a friend
My funeral gon' be by invite-only
By chance I'm going to hell maybe for selling dope
I want my own table sectioned off with a velvet rope
Might want to see Heaven, might need a telescope
A girl to restock anytime the wine cellar's low
Bottle service, maybe a couple whores
High ceilings, flat screens and double doors
I'm not a cult member, I'm not a worshipper
Just a Jers n*gga trying to have a couple words with her
Strollin' through the hood 'til she seem outta place
Used to n*ggas blowing her up that'll cling to her waist
Me, I've never been a n*gga that a fiend had to chase
Ask for Gucci all you gon' get is cream to the face
So I put my G stacks up against your little weed stash
A one time only event, won't get a recap
Aim it at his knee caps, have n*ggas in your crib
When you get home, your lil' girl in the back they think it's TCAP
So y'all can put all the blaming on me
But keep in mind this is training for me, tah

(TALK TO 'EM!!!)
n*ggas put all the blaming on me
Keep in mind this is training for me, c*ck, sucker

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