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Joe Budden

"The Hard Part"

Closer than close well
Closer than most
I just see so much in you
And I want a better view
I want to look deeper into you yeah

See God built everybody differently ya mean
Ready for The Hard Part(hard part hard part)
Everybody ain't got the same makeup
We ain't all built alike(built alike built alike)
Only thing is(hard part hard part) when you put in that spot
You can ask yourself What are you built for?

[Verse 1]
Uh I'm getting ready for the hard part
This the first time me and you have been this far apart
Uh not the first time that you packed
But the first time that you left first time that I just stood and watched
More like stood there shocked look at what I've done
The first time that I conceded and pride won
That was our first time in court together but not really (Why?)
Cuz I wasn't allowed to even look your way ('member?)
That's that paper work you filed right
Can't communicate with the woman bearing my child right
We both lost it sh*t was a wild night
Unfortunately we didn't go down without a fight
Always said that I wouldn't know what to do without you
Loved what I knew about you not what was new about you
You step back and notice sh*t got realer
Cuz y'all are closer than most but still ain't looking familiar

I'm doing 90 on the road hand on the 45
If I can't do nothing else but survive feel me
I got that Al Green playing I'm feeling on shorty thighs
And since I'm the one that y'all wanna try
Just know I'm ready to ride(Uh)
I'm on my grind till the clock stop
The sh*t is all happening on God's watch
So if you see me pulled over with the car parked(Uh)
I'm just getting ready for the hard part(Uh)

[Verse 2]
Uh I'm getting ready for the hard part
Well f*ck it this what we all wanted (talk to 'em)
So I figured f*ck it I can use another crack at
So what I ran from for 8 years I'm right back at
f*cking with a major now I got my group with me
Good cuz the scrutiny usually has me acting stupidly
And even though they all think that I'm a weirdo
When I look to my left and my right they right there though
They was naive when they said that we was all through
All walk a same path feel like we the Lord's group
The industry don't know the type of damage we gon' cause you
Same one y'all called flukes is looking like war troops
At The point where even legends give respect
Went from outside of the game to getting lead in by the best
'Cause yeah, won't stop till our title they can't argue
Though we closer than most still I gotta thank Marshall


[Verse 3]
Closer to family closer to my regime
Closer to Goapele, I mean closer to my dreams
I was closer to the block was closer to them fiends
So nah I ain't from the streets but we closer than we seem
Check it closer to comfort closer to wealth
But not closer than you can afford you gotta know yourself
Closer to a lead so it's murder in the booth
Say they closer to the real but that's further from the truth
And I'm closer than the people that's wishing for my demise
f*ck me worry bout that sickness you got inside
Figure I'm just a reflection of your miserable life
Since you less fortunate, you wanna picture him deprived
Why I stay to myself and get closer to rap
Cuz getting closer to you will be getting closer to that
And since that's a little ways I'm kinda closer to fruition
I just kick my feet back and got a chauffeur for the distance


Ha Joey ya mean y'all throw that sh*t my way
Right field center field left field
I'm a golden glove winner try it
Y'all throw that sh*t my way I'm totally built for this
Are you though?

Ready For The Hard Part

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