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Joe Budden

"Hollow Da Don vs. Joe Budden"

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
I came to rule this stage with that Budden swag…
That’s a visual punchline, I’m bout to get in my f*cking bag!
Damn! You make light skin n*ggas look bad!
But that ain’t even why I’m mad
I had this booked with OnDemand and it was crazy litigations
He said he want his peoples to do it
Even though talk is cheap I said pay me in a statement
I was feeling weird cause they millionaires
But they was lazy with the payments
Cut my cash in half and now I’m in a Shady situation
I mean maybe I’m just bugging
Joe signed with Shady, Shady picked the judges
Plus they won’t pay me what I wanted, these labels think they something
We live and breathe the sh*t, CEO’s? They just get stats and read the sh*t
Like, “Hundreds of millions of views off of battles? We need this sh*t
We’ll take 85% f*ck an equal split
We’ll have Sway come and host, he’ll read the script”
“What about the battlers in the house?”
“Mehh, throw em a couple G’s that’s it”… Wow, geez, that’s it?!
Jimmy Iovine die please and Rosenberg eat a di*k you fat piece of sh*t!
Trying to book his own league for chips but barely even seen a clip
When they first asked Paul about battles, he said “no luck”
Now you don’t want to see us fail? Sho nuff
I know it all, it’s about Slaughterhouse, the CD sales done slowed up
Let’s be real, besides Em, Drake and Hov
The rest of these rappers is barely breaking Gold!
Whoa… So big Bozo it? Well homie gon' clown this n*gga
Destroy every person, place, and thing, I will NOUN this n*gga
I know y’all like, “Hollow all over this stage, he wilding n*gga”
I’m just giving y’all a preview, I’m bout to rap circles around this n*gga
He can’t escape, he a ho to me
He too/two b*tch, Floetry, he get close to me…
Nah put up that Jagged Edge, I got 112 I want Joe to see (Jodeci)
Since Total Slaughter sh*tted on the champ, I’ma act a fool quick
It’ll be ill when them two 4’s in the center of the BULL sh*t
I know that’s an old reference
And some of y’all might not have known what I said
That ain’t something you caught, right?
Well cool, it was for ‘em to go over ya head
I’m shooting like Craig Hodges, that Arm strong I ain’t missing nothing
And you Dennis Rodman, cause you nice around that Mic/Mike
But sometimes you a b*tch in public
When that occurs (Kurr) long nose, I’ll Pippen something
Since Joe Dirt, old shirt, I’ma have y’all missing buttons/Buddens
Now I know you probably thought that was a punchline about
How a shirt is missing buttons
But it was about the movie Joe Dirt, he used to wear an old shirt
That was missing buttons
I went psycho, melee round the time we thought…[unclear]…killed AJ
Like a knife with a AK, shooting like Michael on game day
Now wait, wait, wait…
I know you new fans like “why you talk about the guns you use?”
This battle rap, gun bars what the f*ck we do!
If I really had a problem with Joe I’d be coming through give em that 1 & 2
Stumble dude, make this n*gga do the bugaloo
Wait, wait, wait I don’t even know if that’s a dance but it was looking cool
That’s for disrespecting legends, you know I got love for Wu
You can’t f*ck with Meth, ya ODB, this that Brooklyn Zoo
Must I reiterate, you know how these labels go
Take a artist, rape him slow with that fellacio
His tape went gold but he gotta do 80 shows to make some dough
Try and do that to battle rap and I’m saying no to this Shady show
And that’s the staff, Eminem, you still my favorite bro

[Round 1: Joe Budden]
We could put up whatever he wanna wager
Honestly for me it’s nothing major, this ain’t even a battle it’s like a favor
But I’m the underdog in fact
Well 200 grand for 10 minutes of work, I don’t really see a loss in that
Now this is like your squad seeing a ghost
When Don get close, same as God seeing a roach
He gon' tell a few jokes but that don’t matter if he wins
Cause my money long, so how he gon' laugh at my expense?
But they say he know all ya business, you don’t know none of his
You at a clear disadvantage? How the f*ck you gon' win?
That’s when I grab my chin with a grin right there
Let’s begin right there, that’s the win right there
I mean you brought this to…[unclear]…you threw that bait out there trying to fish
Well be careful what you motherf*cking wish cause it’s backwards where we going
For you this a moment of a lifetime, for me this ya lifetime in a moment
You should introduce yourself for a round at least part of it
But you’d rather tell me about me like I’m not a narcissist
And to my lost fans that can’t figure out what my aim is
Here I go again making another b*tch famous
At some point during this battle I expect him to bring up
Tahiry, Love & Hip Hop, use my life against me
Whatever let him perform, the streets been prepping me for that storm
n*gga, my baby moms been using my son as a weapon since I was born
But you told Surf that his crew was like the back of freezer
Ended up flat even though you capped the liter
But I’m the leader, that was harm
I think them drugs f*cking ‘em up, maybe the Hennessy
If it’s too much Caffeine I got the remedy, have that coward sent to me
That BULL will be RED when I grab MONSTER cans
Send 5 from ours (HOURS) in a G (ENERGY)
So the situation is I’m who he want his props off
Try to get it shaking but don’t bubble when it pop off
I wanted to do whatever, he wanted to do time
Guess all that Sprite mixing got ‘em thinkig he LeBron
Coke Boy think it’s French I ain’t the one he should try
Bring that heat in a dark room, it’s Sunny Delight
Dark Knight with the mask on that’s my Bane wear
My weight all the way up, yours never came there
Kinda like a blonde Amber Rose and that ain’t fair
Cause even though you food, I don’t see how I can gain here/hair
Drago vs Apollo, they say he got goons
I don’t follow that bravado
It’s war? I’ll have him in the doctor by tomorrow
And it won’t be an outer body experience
When they start taking Hollow out of Hollow
Cause we had an exchange on Twitter, I was disturbed some
You asked me where’s my last hit, n*gga where’s your first one?
Your business is bad, you hit that stage for fun
You got over 20 million views and ain’t got paid from one
So I went searching for ya songs, was googling the heat
I cut it off midway, I was through with my intrigue
Took the Dre’s off, stomped on em, threw em in the streets
Figured it was only right how you was brewing in them Beats
But if it’s war one snap of the finger have Da Don smothered
All my n*ggas tatted, he should’ve known we had arms covered
Beam on the…[unclear]…so if it’s drama when it’s set
We’ll dot ‘em and watch ‘em fall that’s a domino effect
Honestly them pumps and shells, guns that he sells

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]
You came to this battle sh*t but you ain’t in me league with this
Cause the way you spitting it sounds like you’re reading it
Damn! You make light skin n*ggas look bad!
But that ain’t even why I’m mad
You thinking you gon' win this battle is why I’m mad tho
Oh, you don’t think you gon' get beat? Bet a band yo (Banjo)
You talking bout all this practice and you ain’t got no dough Joe? (Dojo)
Well that ain’t enough to buy swag, you gon need some mo Joe (Mojo)
Ya last hit was 2003, you unsuccessful brother, Jojo
I mean you had a little Run, but it’s been a long stretch
Since we heard a track we can feel with ya flow Joe
I mean in his prime he struggled to go gold
But y’all claiming this cats platinum
If that’s factual, you’ll have sold out arenas not here at Smack rapping
You giving out ya mixtape for free like you backpacking
I mean you can’t make a hit so you battle, that’s random
I finally can say this, lay off the pills you crack addict
Popping that E got you feeling like OJ, you wanna take a stab at it?
Well that’s backwards cause his names JOE, E-O-J that’s backwards
My bar went over his head, that’s madness!
You did have smash hits like, Pump It Up and… Pump It Up
Um…. Pump It Up the Rem-
Okay so Eminem helped his career with Slaughterhouse to see it grow
Go figure, his pockets ain’t get no bigger
By you being a ho n*gga on a TV show
I mean if he really was a platinum artist
Eminem be like “Don’t battle, we’re about to let your CD go
You’re an important artist and this is too much of a risk for a CEO”
But since he didn’t this Em’s way of saying, Joe, you’re free to go
I mean they already had the meeting
Once Hollow beat him there’s no way to get around it
Now Shady’s turn to Italians that live in an island
They’re like “Fugget about em”
His stats don’t match up, it don’t fit the column
Now I’m like Nas cause I put the end to the n*gga album
Y’all don’t remember? Nas had “The N” on his n*gga album
My bars go over his head, y’all n*ggas wilding
Who wanna try? All you can get killed when I let something fly
All you… killed… ain’t no punchline that f*cking time!
It’s hard being a battle rapper, we always gotta f*cking rhyme
Rehearse and research and barely get a f*cking dime
I mean besides the fact Total Slaughter ain’t paying us
The figures is meaningless
If you ain’t getting it genius let me breakdown the difference between us
You do whatever Em say, Hollow; he do whatever him say
I mean you go to a studio, go in, punch in ya bars
I go to a battle and go in once I’m punching my bars
You was on Sports Center recording on First Take
This sports centered around us recording on first take
So in my heart I got hella hate
n*gga the day you die we gon' celebrate
I’ll have him down from one 40 (140) he a featherweight
I know that last studio scheme was hella great
But I mixed a few styles and mastered this, let’s get the record straight
Should I talk about Raekwon or Saigon?
I mean all them beefs I just don’t understand it
Play it like the games Green Lantern
But I’m smoother than holding the standard
I could give a Con (Consequence) to P (Prodigy), he’ll toe him and tag him
But I don’t wanna put a price on his head, so I’ll just hold him for Ransom
My n*gga… you got punched in ya eye!
It wasn’t aight, he did a blog like
“See what had happened was… yo yo go get me some more ice”
He held that b*tch on for so long his eyeball got frost bite
And when he finally took it off that b*tch look like a fog light
But I keep it Queens, like a Tragedy/Khadafi story Pop
Bout them gory blocks or that old block that N.O.R.E. shot
In front of stock one with that 40 Glock
Or I keep it H Town, have my n*ggas from Eastside have him hogtied
My brothers from Parkside leave his mouth wide
Stand over his body and do the Southside
Or may I reiterate, you know how these labels go
Take a artist, rape him slow with that fellacio
His tape went gold but he gotta do 80 shows to make some dough
You try to do that to battle rap and I’m saying no to this Shady show
And that’s the staff, Eminem… you still my favorite bro
But this ain’t smart move for your boss who employed you
For not shutting this down, y’all should Fire Marshall

[Round 2: Joe Budden]
They keep telling me you top tier, that only makes us at the top tear
Looking up like, n*gga… top where? You could stop there
Said you had a clothing line but that’s not clear
You putting an emoji on a shirt, n*gga that’s not gear
Now you lost to Ars, battled Surf and drowned
You washed the old Big T but that’s a hand-me-down
My guy Goodz was gone off that Hen’ ain’t wanna play with you
I thought you'd kill Hitman, but you made it debatable
You and Lux tied, didn’t kill him but you tried
sh*t he watched you and Calicoe POP but he ain’t die
This all that you got done in your career, how’s that?
I don’t see a f*cking thing that’s top tier bout that
Now why these labels never called you? Lack of hunger?
Couldn’t find you? Ain’t have your number?
Defies all laws of gravity, it’s distorted
You the only thing that stay on Lean but ain’t support it
But since Gravy wanna play big like he coming for Joe’s spot
Spurs, team full of shooters, even coach pop
And if I hit the jailhouse, soon as I bail out
Buck 50 his stomach, now it’s looking like a whale’s mouth
Top tier? Nah, more like PG Hollow
This ain’t staples, nothing bout Budden is easy Hollow
Your flows tired, I’m tired, try to leap me Hollow
Chop his head on his lap, now we both Sleepy Hollow
You in the crib just lamping in there
I show up in that kid house like Chris Hanson is there
I run up on him like, “n*gga what’s that sh*t you was saying?”
Feed his tongue a magazine, now issue a statement
How am I suppose to think you a supreme in Queens?
I was with Nitty and Webb, I know Supreme in Queens
So any time he talk that tough sh*t I just get beyond calm
Cause we remember what happened with you and John John
He punched you in the face, how you couldn’t avoid it?
You got snuffed by a n*gga named after a toilet
It was like Street Fighter when y’all was rocking
But you was Blanka, balled up on the floor and it was shocking!
You the n*gga that’s Vega wanna hear son speak
A guy you can (Ken) lay on the ground kicking guess he Chun Li
You fought like a carpet muncher and not a thug
Which makes sense why you tried to sweep that under the rug
So all them bullsh*t jokes and schemes won’t get it done
’84 draft, you only Dream at number one
He got guns, some will jam (Summer Jam), some came and some went
But since his Bucks slow, he’d miss that whole chain of events
That’s when blocks fall, no Jenga, Macs wild (Mackwildes), no singer
Fighting on stage that talk for show, but it’s no Springer
You told Surf that if he touch you he would get it like the chicken pox
My problem was you thought that sh*t was hot
Y’all got a low IQ and think his mouth is slick
No Chlamydia, I don’t feel nothing coming out this di*k
If I hear a bar about how he let that thing twerk
Then I’m (Denim) on his back let’s see if he fit that jean shirt
Or if he trapping and I want him dead, buck at Hollow man
And turn Hollow to a hologram all over Hollow gram'

[Round 3:Hollow Da Don]
Bars off the top, they know it’s all rage
Smoke you like that bogie, I’ma smoke you on stage
You still rapping old school (Ol Skool), “like this cause you a old n*gga
Talking all about ya Benjamins with ya Valore suit with the gold zipper”
Third round! These bars gon' stay with him
Dead beat dad, I ain’t got time to play with him
‘K hit em, take a part of him
For you new fans, yeah.. it’s back to them gun bars again
At first I held that Dessie, I wasn’t ready n*gga
I had to hold it with 2 hands, it’s a heavy hitter
That b*tch kick when it shoot like Reggie Miller
I mean I thought Surf would show you the way
I could tell that’s why he sitting there from what you show and display
As a writer we’re knowing you great
But you must’ve came up with those Home Alone
Cause ya setups is all over the place
I come to Jersey City or any Jersey city just to shoot at ya
Cause when you put us cats in heat together we’ll spray up the house
That ain’t new to (neuter) them
Y’all booing and these mics is f*cked up
But I don’t give a f*ck so what’s that sound
Shh! That’s my punchline that went over ya head, let em hover round
And these bars are like clubs that don’t want n*ggas to come around
Cuz these bars are only wearing button (Budden) down
But I know what y’all here for, let’s talk about the women in ya life
I mean cuz I never seen a clique with Day 1 n*ggas on side of you
You know it’s sad when ya R&B singer Emanny’s
The only n*gga that’ll ride for you
So let’s talk about the women in ya life
They been sh*tting on you since ’03 tho
Gloria Velez said you oh so gay, I said if he’d ever come out the closet
She said, “Joe no say”(Yo no se)
I kinda figured that with Tahiry the way he be treating her
Spreading her business on social media, even beating her
Beating her my n*gga?
[Talking]Yo stop my clock n*gga, real rap
You ever hit a women again I’ll f*ck you up faggot
Do that sh*t in front of me you pus*y
Beating on women you b*tch ass n*gga
You a faggot n*gga! You hit a women I’ll f*ck you up you faggot!
Stop my time y’all!
Beating on women you b*tch ass n*gga, you faggot… stop my time!]
Shoutout to Tahiry, I love you baby
Shoutout to Tahiry, cause when she ain’t out doing Fab, she’s doing bad!
Walking round with a fake Louie bag and a ass booster cause he booty sag
She got up and left in the middle of the show like the movie bad
And you thought she was loyal to you
You wouldn’t put it on the house with ya snooping ass
A real n*gga would impregnate that b*tch
Told her I’d stay on stiff and shoot soon as I get in like I’m JR Sm-
Shoot-shoot soon as I get in like I’m JR Smith
I mean he set the standard
Drake flew her to DR got some head and ran her
This was right around the time when you was at the wedding planner
I mean it’s Tahiry, she know you cuz
First thing she say about you is you’s a sucka for love
He save a ho, I break a ho, I got b*tches in Pheonix
If you ain’t getting it genius, let me breakdown the difference between us
I stop a girl walking by like “Hey baby, turn around
And see what you're turning down”
He stop a girl like “Hey baby I like ya skirt and gown”
I mean if you was really on Tahiry
You would’ve been getting bread not giving bread
Take her to one of these network parties like
“Aye b*tch, if he got over 10 thou', give em head”
I mean you hella throw with them tellin hoes wifing for the snatch
I know who the hell is Joe, that funny Martin episode
You talk about that ho tell (Hotel)
But in (Inn) the end you fighting with the rat
But let’s talk about the women in ya life
The most important one, you gon wanna hear this
The most important one, the one that told him don’t sniff fast
I mean living ya life is a slim chance, I raised you as a man
And you trying to live fast
Snd that b*tch was sitting there lookin like Sinbad
I mean you probably was conceived during a quickie
I seen ya mom backstage, that b*tch look like she like to give hickies
That top bomb then hop on, that b*tch tricky
Walking round calling n*ggas up and that b*tch 50
She love to knock the boots and get busy
He shaking his head like “don’t talk about my mother again”
That got in you like a splinter
I knew that would (wood) get under your skin…

[Round 3: Joe Budden]
How the f*ck is you Da Don when John John f*cked you up
And real n*ggas don’t respect when he speak?
Got no b*tches, that’s something I been begging to see
Was on his instagram, I even went back 70 weeks
I wanted to battle the best, they said Hollow was the star
So I’ma send that boy shots like I got Hollow at the bar
Could beat Hollow with a bar or Hollow with a BAR
Figured if he set the standard, n*gga how low is the bar?
I send something hot at his head, give Don Fever
Them magazines will turn him b*tch, he Don Diva
So if you hear them gats in my city blow
You’ll see the Don leaking on the floor like Dame Dash in the video
I be knocking at his door with Rockets maybe more
To put a Hollow in Hollow he won’t be Hollow any more
You got 30 grand to be here, I’m beyond you chump
Senseless, Apprentice I thought Da Don knew Trump (Donald Trump)
I went from TV to the battle stage, bout to have a hit again
I’m just trying to milk the game, dare he (dairy) go on that sh*t again
So that sh*t you was hollering, buck 50, gun with me
n*gga if I lack toast (lactose) I won’t be tolerant
But if he tied son, you ass, another kid in doubt
His father should’ve p*ssed him out, let’s go a different route
I catch him while he sigh and mellow (signing Melo)
Give em’ something he could feel (Phil) upstairs
Once he Knick, they gon' have to fish em (Fisher) out
Talkin all that gangsta sh*t, I do a lot of
Mad Crips, when iMessage blue pop up
Catch ‘em while he shiny all icy in Brooklyn
And turn them techs/texts to the side like my wifey is lookin
If I kill em then I’m digging up his grave when I’m in town
To stand over his body make sure it never make a sound

[Drops Mic/Hollow Da Don raps]

[Joe Budden]
Better ask about my n*ggas we don’t ever play around
Plus that K is on the tripod like the letter laying down
I been hearing all that talking, he been runnin his mouth
I got his address, Uncle Joey will run in his house
The Kimmy Gibbler, it’s gon' get dumb in that house
At different folk, Different Strokes I bring that drum in the house
Honestly them pumps and shells, guns that he felt
Might get him punctured at this juncture n*gga none of it helps
Think dude nicer than me you either bumped and fell
Or got it plain/plane upside down like a drunk Denzel

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