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Joe Budden


I ain't the social type
Nah mean
I ain't with all the congregating!
f*ck n*ggas, hahaha!
It's, It's, It's that old Joe!

Hey yo, I can't lie
Spent a few years trying to understand why
When, how is it now I'm so anti
Face asked if you've ever seen a man cry
I think before that sh*t ain't even pan right
So I don't look at rap dudes like you fans might
Rude, true it's skewed I got a slant eye
With God as my security guard that's why
I'm walking around feeling like I can't die
Or I'm feelin' like opportunity ran by (me)
And I'm chasin' it or am I facin' it
(n*ggA) No past, I'm erasing it
I'm an addict got a habitual habit and I don't avoid voids
Good at substitution replacing sh*t
I'm just trying to find my place with sh*t
Pacing quick I ain't go no patience with
n*ggas that can't speak they mind
What the f*ck they got a mouth for?
Me, I'm so full of rage so used to being caged
I probably shouldn't be outdoors
Everybody so scared of the truth
Look in my eyes you stare at the truth
They doing interludes and every interview
Talkin' bout they're prepared to shoot - bom, bom
How thoughtful, won't resort to gettin' near a booth
They awful what I do to them unlawful
Boss dude ain't got a higher up to resort to
Just giving yourself a bad name
Yackidy yack the threats in fact is that lame
You can't tell that acts arranged
Think I'm wearing a bulls eye
Just all them cats got bad aim I'll explain
I'm past real they past phony
Ignore the personal and physical attacks on me
I remain cool relaxed homie
Brand new I ain't got a scratch on me
So what your squad gonna do
Lay a hand on me I'll lay a hollow on you
Change hands tap his pockets run his wallet on through
Every club in New York n*gga bottles on you!
Better tell 'em what reluctance is
I'm controlled by uncontrolled substances
Truth be told, I'll show him what substance is
Know I'm nice but when I boast I'm only rubbing it in (n*ggAS)
Got beat up ignored in school
Signed a deal n*ggas thought you was cool
Only take one quarter to slaughter your crew (SLAUGHTERHOUSE)
If your resume got deaded today they'd call you a fool (HOW BOUT THAT)
All them years rapping, nothing else happening
You need a new day to day
Old heads in the game with no other way to get paid
Gasping timeout take a break from the play or grab a Gatorade
Bad contract team can't make a trade
Majors f*cking you in the ass you gonna stay a slave
5'9" in my ear saying, "Hey, behave!"
But sh*t is f*cked up and I blame it on the way it was paved
I chill for the sake of your age
You great live but let me know when that stage get appraised
All in raising the stakes
Swear you and your label should pray
Thank God I was placed in this decade by mistake
I don't belong here dad f*cked mom in the wrong year
Wrong peers amongst n*ggas with wrong ears
Wrong dancing funny sounds every songs weird
Wrong fashion its like everybody's gone queer
Be clear I ain't here to be friends
You can dislike me I ain't here to pretend
Run but you can't hide I can't lie
Told n*ggas in the first two bars I was anti

Leave me running!
No wonder, wheres an escape route when you need it?
Talk to 'em!

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