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Joe Budden

"I Might Need More Than 16 Tho"

Turn the beat up in the headphones a little bit
We in here
Parks on the boards, real n*gga in the booth
Let's go
Let me talk to 'em, check this

[Verse 1]
I might need more than 16 though
Champion sweats, gold Rollie, Benz clean though
The Smith in the pocket, bag gang green flow
Some of these fan n*ggas fickle and it seem so
Still in my prime but this ain't Nickle or Primo
Look what these f*ck n*ggas done to the game
A bunch of cool songs from n*ggas I can't name
The beat on every single is all soundin' the same
I'd explain but I might need more than 16 though
These hoes hurtin', busy tryna look like each other
They're sharin' surgeons just to get every sir and gent
In the city of fat transfers and body shots
If I gotta ask if it's real then it's prolly not
Pulse missin', uh, Pulp Fiction
Relationship quarrels, demons and drug addiction
I know, just some hurdles that I leap until my wealth is up
No time to fight, ma, I do that with myself enough
You gotta pardon me, I'm growin', it's progression
Playin' with her mind, I found her soul in a recession
Major part of why all shorty knows is my perception
Think cause she suck my di*k there's an emotional investment
Father of Joseph, Joseph's father
A brother to some others that had no regard for
Got gone for a minute, I had to focus harder
Wanted me off my square, but I'm so unbothered
It's so much goin' on with n*ggas as of late
That I don't know where to start, I just go from the heart
But the truth can't be all that you want
How can it be so many misunderstandings, always thought I was bought
I thought that common sense, would always be the easiest
To comprehend, now I'm convinced
f*ck sh*t from f*ck n*ggas, how their time is spent
And an epiphany for them would be a monument
Took a page out of Power, did a homi' on a beat
If I'm Ghost in the club then Tommy in the street
I did enough cause every n*gga by me gotta eat
I'd explain, but I might need more than 16 though
I learned to deal with hate
While y'all was nickle and dime-in', I purchased real estate
That was the first mil' I made
Pool parties, plenty models at the villa's lake
One of them hoes was high on coke and couldn't feel her face
They got confused, thought my hunger was gone
Cause I spend 300 thousand last summer alone
If she with you on IG, they'll think you jumpin' a bone
They usually wrong but I might need more than 16 though
Mono y mono, clothes like Mariano
The Sterling I don's new so the leak like Stiviano
Gotta check it, any rapper in this world think they seein' Joe
You can try but you'll need more than 16 though

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