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Joe Budden

"Ordinary Love sh*t (Parts 1 & 2)"

[Part 1]
My path for tomorrow is relaxing at full throttle
Born to be a leader but a tough act to follow
Bet on me at all costs in spite of my cash
So if I can’t afford the Waldorf, I can afford to fall off
Stories over greatness, no stopping my zone
I’m bumping "Roman’s Revenge," but I’m plotting my own
Like a prophecy in case n*ggas haven’t learned not to bother me
'Fore you send your shots, just check my return policy
Could do without the leeches, shoes without the creases
Miami Heat hater but I do the South Beaches
For any drama I be calling up monsters
I ain't Gilbert I never met a Wall I can’t conquer
Ruger aimed if I’m who you try and belittle
I learned it’s hard to get justice when you try and be civil
Whatever the future holds I can live with the day
Some n*ggas will sell their soul but some will give it away
And that’s the devil in disguise they window of opportunity is minimized
Simplified, check what I exemplify
b*tch n*gga, here’s something for you to generalize
Estate out by Tenafly, pool houses, winterized
Play in that water, you bound to get your feet wet
Only rapper with nuttin' to hide, me and G-Dep
My shorty might disagree with that sentiment
If I keep something from you, I promise it’s all innocent
b*tches gon get you with that fake out beat
I won’t let them Media Takeout me, a made n*gga
Gotta know when dealing with me you gon' put up with a lot of hate
Before you say you love me, how much of it can you tolerate?
You can’t talk about marriage and giving birth
If you hit the dirt anytime you think I lift a skirt
It grows tiresome every time you get berserk
Plus if you abandon home over what was just a flirt (what?)
Without a care, I just chuck deuces
My skin'll turn numb and you’ll be stuck with what your truth is
Then you’ll feel a way, thinking I should have resisted
Then you’ll start to see a side of me you never knew existed
'Cause you never seen me act like a j*rk
I know women will provoke you and get mad when it works
Rather reserved, and that always makes matters the worst
'Cause I go on about my business and not act like it hurts
But wait, it’s to the point I gotta ask myself
Why the f*ck is it so easy to detach myself
Maybe it ain't you, just something I lack myself
But if these wounds are self inflicted I can patch myself
Now listen, I could give a f*ck bout how them other n*ggas treated you
If your ass was that perfect they would be with you
I don’t care if you dime’d out
You’ll say you're the best I’ll ever have and I’ll say I’m willing to find out
Wait, I’m thinking bout our bond and what happened to it
If you ain't lifting the burden, you probably adding to it
She say my logic’s wild and it’s sick to her
She say I’m all for self and don’t consider her
She feel like she don’t have a voice in this relationship
I’m thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it
Certain sh*t I wouldn’t stand for
I’m giving her my all but she demands more
I wish she would understand more
Certain sh*t you couldn’t plan for
I’m guessing if I love you and you're worth it
I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this
But you just think that I’m full of it
We both come from backgrounds of bullsh*t
I’m fortunate that ain't what you see in me
I’ll stop lying to you once you start believing me……

[Part 2]
But I’m always who you wanna bring the questions to
It’s less about me hiding sh*t and more about protecting you
It’s totally different the way our minds are made up
To me flirting’s natural, to her it’s cause for break up
To me it’s human nature, she disagree with the logic
Confusing being monogamous with being robotic
I talk to other girls, I interact with 'em
You shouldn’t take that as tryna get in the sack with 'em
Just know how I act with you is how I act alone
I signed up for a girl not a chaperon
Besides that plan’ll backfire and I’ll dishonor her
She don’t take my word and now I feel I’m being monitored
And I want you to be the one that I endured the longest
Accept me at my weakest, support me at my strongest
Bring something to the table though, earn ya keep
Then I’ll triple it and all I ask in return is peace
Ain't with the arguing sh*t all the time
You see I’m honest to a fault but is it yours or mine
I put you through some things where you could have bolted
You want honesty or rather sh*t be sugar coated
I’ll put you on a list of people screaming f*ck me too
Do you want a pretty lie or the ugly truth?
Truth is you got some things that you gotta learn too
When everything that concerns me don’t concern you
Truth is you gotta a couple tainted views
And you bring up my ex as if I couldn’t do the same with you
Truth is you want me the dude that kept it realer
Truth is you’re too emotional and need a better filter
No third party will ruin our plan
I’d hate for you to be the girl who’s too consumed with her man
So I want you to have your own plans
You to have you own ends, you to have your own life
You to have your own friends and I’ll be right beside you
I can tell that you pride full
Cause you don’t bring up problems that you got with me till I do
You say that I’m out a lot and that I ain't here enough
You take care of me and I’ll take care of us
I’d love to put a child in you and live lavish
But my baby momma scared me, let me tell you bout my baggage
We could have a son and break up and be done
And now I’ll never see him again
As you take him and run
You gon’ tell him that he’s fatherless
Tell him that I’m cowardly
You’ll have some resentment so you’ll start acting childishly
You’ll rape me in court cause of course you’ll have it out for me
To you it may sound absurd but for me it’s a reality
Still at times where it seems like you’re not proud of me
Though I’m showing you the best man I know how to be
But you keep saying show me more
You’d appreciate me better had you known me before
You’ve never been cheated on
Had another chick in your house in your bed
You, you ain't seen the worst time
Hit you with that old move
Take you to a flick that I’ve already seen with another broad
But pretend like it’s my first time
And, nah you don’t know how that sound
On the phone with you, while she quiet in the background
Bunch of sh*t that I ain't in a hurry to do
So before you beef, know that he got buried for you
I dont tell you that for points, nah, you can keep the brownies
I tell you so that you know I was mature when you found me
Tell you so you know that little boy sh*t that I get annoyed with
You should keep it coy with, cause all that is, is stress for me
I’m not ya ex baby girl, you not a catch for me
I mean respectfully, certain sh*t I’m not a glutton for
For every bad b*tch, there’s a n*gga tired of f*cking her
But you could be my wife forever
Let’s grow old live life together
Vacay, catch flights, take pictures
Everything that my last broad always wanted but got a beef with me when she asked for it...

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