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Joe Budden

"Russian Roulette"


What n*ggas don't know and what my friends don't see
Is while the world keep spinning, its a lens on me
So I sit and prophecize of what the ends gon be
Maybe a domino effect if you depend on me
Now the cool thing to call me is a as*h*le, is that so
Pill popping in a strip club with my hat low
Out of every battle, I ain't lost yet
Say I'm misunderstood, I say my points just ain't come across yet
Prince, all I'm missing is the little red Corvette
Feeling like a million though a n*gga ain't in Forbes yet
All that sh*t go with the fame
The industry's the wrong complexion, tryna Sammy Sosa the game
Sharper than y'all without a days rest, he don't mind being a pawn
Then how the f*ck you gonna mind it when I play chess
No beef with Beans, not a beef with Fab
Just fags that think I'm searching for a beef to grab
I'm too talented to reach for that
It take more than some tweets in fact
To get him off the leash, capiche
And if streets is so concerned about me and Somaya Reece
But they ain't got the whole puzzle all they do is try to piece
Reality ain't World Star, lets keep in private please
Me and her gon end up whatever we decide to be
Can you hear me, tired of n*ggas asking 'bout Tahiry
She can do what she wanna long as she don't do it near me
Y'all reading MediaTakeout, what I take out the Media is
Everything ain't what it appear to be
Leaking pictures of Fif feeling on your ass
But if you seen it like me then you be feeling like an ass
So I'm thinking I was fooled by watching you act a fool
Seeming desperate for attention, baby, take this as a jewel
And since we no longer, you and Cotto get the same advice
Need to fire everybody in ya corner
n*ggas ain't worth my time, I won't respond to ya
Momma called saying, "Who you gon get to sponsor ya"
Fans becoming less fond of ya
What they've concluded looking at me through a monitor is that I should be monitored
Wait! let me apologize if I'm alarming ya
Dreaming 'bout nightmares, fell in love with my insomnia
Or is my presence to blame, I live in the future
Laughing at y'all, still waiting on the present to change
Say my life's like the Truman show
But if n*ggas could care less then what they tune in for
I give em all access while creating a new sound
And you bound to run into hurdles when you breaking new ground
Got Jersey on my back, there were few folk beg to differ
I do it all by myself, ain't gotta beg a n*gga
They like I'm better than son
And he a bad look for Jers, but a bad look is better than none
You now dealing with a visionary
Dog ya style doggie style, I rather be on top, I favor missionary
Them wack n*ggas that you say in they prime
Ain't seeing numbers, they dealing with Renee Divine
I thought I was unprepared for the fame and all the bears
Then I went to see my grandma and it all became clear
Cause she 90 years old, can't move, blank stare
Like she waiting on death, won't move up out that same chair
Yeah, listen, I'm outspoken, outcasted
When the odds was outrageous, a n*gga outlasted
Look at what you making a issue
Difference between leaving the hood and taking it with u
Is the difference between watching from home and sitting courtside
Difference is I'm one up, you thinking the scores tied
Unh, simple-minded motherf*cka
So if I'm Anti its cause I mind it motherf*cka
Bar for bar, if you looking for a lil' trauma
If I acknowledge yo ass, n*gga its still a honor
A bad b*tch by my side that cause a lil' drama
Thinking she can "pop up" on me cause she my Lil' Mama
Say I ain't the best, that man don't know me
Never ran, never will, f*ck Dan Antoni
But I'm planning my escape once I get off tour
And just know it's gon' be on my terms, not yours


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