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Joe Budden

"Tim Westwood Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5'9"]
Theme song to my supplier, plays in the key of a ki, I'm like a messiah
Crossed with the Wire, rapping around the Boardwalk Empire
Who brought their Bibles? This the Christ chapter
I'm sick enough to take my life then take your life after
Don't take me light or play me light, we two of the same
God melted the Rubic's cube into fluid and threw it into my intuitive brain
I'm eating food for moving music in the gratuitous lane
Been through twice, now I'm running through until I'm through with the game
You can find me under a black cloud, I'm a dark star
Only thing I hate worse than a mark is a marked car
I climb mountains like Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell
You could put a face on my style: it'd be Samuel Cassell's
I switch the fire up like I am a tranny from Hell
What I got in my hand right now will remind you of Stanley Burrell
Cause it's the hammer, the cannon, you can dance with the shells
My pet peeves are granny panties and planning to fail
I'm a heavyweight, I'm catastrophic
When I set it like Farenheit 911, meditate 'til the Levees break
I tar and feather featherweights until my 'fetti straight
The Mac 11 to crack your melon and give your ass spaghetti face
You ever looked inside some dying eyes?
You'll see surprise and realize there's no denying God
When was the last time that you heard that the "I" in "try"?
Ryan vibes like cyanide, I am proud
To say that I've evolved, there's only one "I" in defying odds
Small-time areas, parishes, everytime the giant cries
Who y'all respect is probably cross-dressing
Your favorite MC can probably find hisself, vibing to my Lost Sessions
I'm legendary

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Check it, They asking bout my well being, well I been fine
I just did some sets of 50 on the incline
I don't do the games, but if I happen to be into one
Burner to his melon, just my version of temple run
They tell me im crazy, they say that Joe's off
But I ain't tryna rap wit new ideas using old thoughts
The whole premise of they argument is so forced
So what that say for you, if you concluded that wit no cause
That's just some lil truth for you no it alls
n*gga I can roof a bowling ball
I make a mirror change his point of view
And won't always show wit his face depends on who its pointed to
Now a bunch of groupie n*ggas want to join the crew
Models want to join the pool, it's funny what some coins will do
My regular sex'll be a porn to ya'll
Its wierd since I never f*cked none of my friends porno stars
Wait..Forgot about that night up in the fountain blue
Decapitate that other bar, head I wasn't counted dude
When its normal for you, you ain't gotta play to win
Im more concern with how, uh (breath)
I took a break for a sec, I'm done chilling
Thought I lost my hunger, kind of had this numb feeling
Haters say I'm wack, paint me as this one villain
But I'll be nice longer than they gon be unwilling n*gga!
Now I'm only chasing bills hard
You won't understand it 'til you face the right pill charge
Worry free cause my lawyer get it crunk
Told me i'd get time serve without ever hitting a bunk
I dont bother with a Glock
Or haven't since I parted from the block
But if duke talking crazy then he'll do it to a cartridge full of shots
Find his body in a river down in Austin won't matter if his father is a doc

[Verse 3: Crooked I]
So many n*ggas wanna come after Crooked
And let a couple of b*tches spin me around
Like I'm a featherweight not knowing that I'm heavyweight
Smith & Weston di*k make you elevate and levitate
When I regulate
I hit the streets like I never ate
(Censored line, fill if you know)
Wouldn’t hesitate to strap a time bomb to myself
And hug you untill it detonate
You six feet im eleven-eight
And if I told you once, I told you twice
I hold the gun so precise so run n*gga run
Soldier come, cold as ice so hold your tounge
Go roll the dice, get done when I come
Im a poltergeist
Im spilling venom as quick as a cobra strikes
Kill him and kill him again
n*gga stole your life, should have known the price
n*gga that hold the knife to your throat and slice
And then I'm creeping by, dipping the glat
And the reason I'm, gripping the gat
Is to go braap braap, then your people die
n*gga blink your eye
I'll put you on your back quicker than that
Somebody tell me whats sicker than that
Coward n*ggas need to get rid of that ridiculous sack
When I give you the di*k im flipping you back
Like Dominique Dawes, you won't be flipping no different than that
I'm from the S-L, A-U, G-H, T-E-R, H-O, U-S-E.. waah

[Verse 4: Joell Ortiz]
You listening to the drug spitting cartel
All our arms swell cos' we excercise with barbells
Bar none we the best you got bars well
Toss bars, we'll treat you like them bikers in a Bronx tale
You chasing hood rats who underarms smell
Me I get drunk and R.Kell' a blonde bombshell
Let them know who the Yoawa is
Take the chicken head to Nandos then pluck her on the tower bridge
I'm running round the world with my team
Cheese stacking and you really hear Ortiz bragging
But for so long, they had us in a box
So last week I hit the lot and bought a brand new G-Wagon
Can't drive it cos' I'm still touring
Im still (?) like a real morman
Today we in the UK, tomorrow we still here
But Friday we parler francais
See the world through the eyes of a pie
Flip a pi-rate ship, but turn favourite rap guy ripper
So you can keep forming rapper squads
But you gon' have a hard time tryna' keep up with the Mathers mob
And release these beastly hordes on your CD stores
Why you tryna (?) you like CB4
See me on your tv, or hear me on your radio
Spitting hot-dog is Nathan all you weinys soft
I'm an alien, I came here on a meteor
My meteoric rise got you wife licking my wee-wee off
Im just having fun on Radio 1
Now im done, nothing left for the radio won

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