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Joe Budden

"Goodbye (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
You know he saved my life you know?

I got pictures on 42nd street with 20 people in it
Everybody dead but me
If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here

I signed my first deal at my dope spot
That’s why the streets named me after coke rock
50 others 49 course 7 5
That’s why I say the n*gga Chris saved my life
I’m a violator so don’t violate
Work the chi ali, walk for God's sake
What this man had to take his life
Now his kids gotta pay the price
I always loved you if I never told you
And can’t describe in words how much a n*gga owe you
I know you couldn’t stop the fifty sh*t
But I ain’t never look at you no different Chris
You was my mentor, you started me
That’s why you’ll forever be a part of me
I pray to God to forgive him
And when you get to heaven tell Pun we miss him

Goodbye, goodbye, so long farewell
But it’s not the end of the chapter
Goodbye, goodbye, so long farewell
I’ll see you again in the after life

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz]
I got the news while doing the interview
And had to stop talking
It’s not often somebody gives you a shot wanting
Nothing in return but to see you pop often
Who’s next to the stage I remember I hopped off and
The first person I saw had red hair
And thick glasses, he said congrats Joe you kicked asses
I can’t believe I’m really writing this verse
Man we was just laughing at the sea port with the click maggin
Sorry Addison, I’m sorry Coltrane, sorry Hot 97 i’m feeling your pain
Sorry I had to slide though
That slide show made them slide down my face yeah I cried too
Thanks for believing I could be a sick rapper
This is the farewell, Yaowa to Chris Nadler
And I know you summer jammin' in the sky
But from everybody down here, goodbye


[Verse 3: Joe Budden]
I remember it like it just happened
I could've sworn it was a dream
But in reality it hit me like a nightmare
Or at least that's how it seemed
I just got a grip on our relationship
We was ironing things out, started picking up steam
And when we didn't need it is when it all got heated
And we both said some things that we probably didn't mean
Then God intervened, guess more was at stake
Thought we left nothing over, He put more on the plate
She came home from the doctor with news I've been wanting
Says family was incoming, she's pregnant, twins coming
But that's gotta be a lie
She sighed, couldn't stop the tears coming from her eyes
That birth control she on, for them it's suicide
As long as it's still inside, two of them wouldn't survive
Hard turn from memorable to cynical
Picturing clothes for what would've been identical
Similar outfits, similar names
My deceased kids' ultrasound in a frame
So I'm deprived of my chance to be a better dad
Staring at my twins that I never had
I shed a tear, looking up in the sky
Even though y'all just got here, goodbye


[Verse 4: Crooked I]
My biological sperm donor, didn't wanna be a daddy
So he hopped in his Caddy and turned corners on us
Turned on us out the clear blue
His last memory of his son is seeing me through his rearview
I still love him yo, but I love his brother more
My uncle showed me love no one could know
Young and poor with a tougher road
To suffer hunger was nothing but Unc' would hold
Us down, help moms lift the motherload
I got grown and
I used to wonder what it would be like to speak to pops as a grown man
He provided that feeling, told me to take my career into my own hands
He was there when I had no fans
My cellphone rings, and after I answer
A voice says "Your uncle's been diagnosed with cancer"
Worst news in my life
Him and chemo going 12 rounds with a disease and they both losing the fight
I'm rushing up to Cedars-Sinai
Praying for a miracle, I don't wanna see my idol die
Before he did, the look in his eyes
Said "Even though you just got here, goodbye"

Goodbye, goodbye, so long farewell
But it’s not the end of the chapter
Goodbye, goodbye, so long farewell
I’ll see you again in the after life
I’ll see you again in the after life
Someday in heaven we will reunite
The flesh disappears but the soul survives
Till next time my friend, farewell goodbye

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