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Joe Budden

"Last Dayz"

Flow sickly, ridin' bumpin' old Biggie
Roll wit' me, or lose weight, Nicole Richie
f**k Plat, if I don't reach diamond fame
I'll treat a n***a's face like that ol' Simon game

I figured out why men try us..
Cuz we OD on rims, and thin tires
For that we len bias

All it take is a punch, he ain't brave- he a punk
I'll put his family in boxes, meet the Brady Bunch
... Yo, how y'all feel ya'selves?
Should kill y'all'selves...
Us Cowboys don't need u, u Bill Parcells

& u dont gotta empty ya pockets when the k's out
Whatever u holdin' is mine, u my pay-pal
See.. ion't get y this guy is a threat
I'll make his life ?finet for a pie to the neck
Ride or die, or do both n***a.. ride 2 the death
I'll a capella the whole left side of his chest

Not retiring, still got that pension pending
Try an pop the hood, and c the engine missing
Double barrel, shotgun, have ya men get missin'
She got 'Pretty Brown Eyes', and she in Mint Condition
Or that cigs in the car, u dissin' mwoi?
Take the ratchet, go home.. and just Chris Benoit

Tell a bird like it is, u promised the broad.. I one line 'em
U Isiah Thomas the broad..
Look I can send a clip cartridge, at the nemesis target
And catch a R.O.R. on some Jena 6 charges
Nah, I'll put that thang away..
Ion't even need a whole hairdo to clip 'em
All it take is one finger wave
Been in the bing for days..
Show u how Im real..
Come home 2 the truck wit the Optimus Prime grill
Handed out crack, I had the scene poppin' off
They not sleepin' on him, the fiends is nodding off
All real-- tell me how is you a thug, and u superman?
I just seen u in the club.. doing the Superman

A bunch of clowns holmes , all I need n this world is the pound
Chrome Huxstable Brown Stone..
Major paper, cake by the layers..
If these dudes is live? I'm the created player..
They callin' 'em kings, when they so-so hot..
Something wrong wit that picture, must be photoshopped
I don't promote violence .. but when toting that thing- blam
Arms start waving like the Carlton Banks dance..
But when them tools go pop, and move whole blocks
Come around wit'cha dawgs, and get kujo shot
These emcee's is lame, tryna b an emcee wit brains
These n***a is Mc brains...
I'm being nice, these rappers is far from being nice..
I'm on a rooftop recording, n***as is being snipped
That's light...
& Shout-out to Ransom too..
I won't hold that sh*t against u, u dead n***a
One ya'self, jersey !
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