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Joe Budden

"More of Me"


[Hook: Emanny]
I give you my all
But it seems like that's not enough
Lettin' you get more of me
So while the world keep on changin'
The one thing remainin'
Is I keep lettin' you get more of me

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
My story, my pain, can't ail it
My tears overflowed, you can't pale it
My talent too immense, can't jail it
n***as tried to cross the God, but they ain't nail it
My path, my walkway, you can't trail it
My ladder, my mountain, can't scale it
It's my life, my struggles, can't help it
I'm just grateful that He kept me alive for me to tell it
Check it, see the music industry changed me
It was everything that I'd have never guessed it was
So my discography is all full of hand-me-downs
I couldn't figure out another way to dress it up
So every verse spiked with the truth
Nah, no one know me better than this mic and this booth

It's no better way, I owe my today to my yesterdays
You live with regrets, probably die with 'em too

So I trust God more than myself, I'm tryna tell ya
Was drunk in the basement, now I'm in the wine cellar
I learned to never let the fear settle in
And now I'm more prepared than I've ever been

Not one ounce of hate in my glans
Just one of the things OG taught me way in advance
Said it's two types of folk in this world
Got the ones that's out doin' it, and those busy sayin' they can't
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