Broken Promises


[Verse - LAVREN]
You change your mind in my day
Said you need a break, said you need some space
You call me when you want to say "you’re sorry"
You’re shady, don’t you know
(Don’t you know you’re shady)
Side me you’re faded
But you crave every piece of me

[Chorus - LAVREN]
And I opened my heart for you
I can’t f**king stand you
But I’ll bleed for you
But I’ll bleed for you

[Verse – 7ru7h]
You know I’m patient
You drive me crazy
I’m can’t explain it, but you’re love is tainted
Only cause I can’t see a life without you
I can’t survive
You always told me you’d be there for me
And now that I need you, you left me lonely
Heart breaking, I’m shakin
I call whеn I’m wasted
You broke me
I hatе it
I love you, I’ll say it

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