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"Torgny (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Dida]

The alimony is washingtonian. No sodas or chips
We're watching Nickelodeon between the codes and the strips
With the custodians running after us over a piff
Hit the linoleum cause O.G had it opium-dipped
We were 80's babies smoking
Something like the radiator broken
My girl saying Duh. Quit joking
That La Vida Loca. Praising Hulk Hogan
The riders was from Blueline
But the Raiders was from Oakland
sh*t, I just wanted a little TNT
So I just painted a little swoosh on those no-name sneaks
And I just skipped a little homework when mama wouldn't see
The 20ths them Baby Bottle Pops is all on me
And yeah I even turned my shirt backwards. I admit I did it
You know you did, but you're lying, saying you never did it
The Fresh Prince of BL. I'm Biggie Willie with it
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. We're getting jiggy with it

Na, na, na, na. Torgny
Det här är livet
Na, na, na, na. Torgny
Och den som lever får se

[Verse 2: Dida]

It's like a jungle sometimes that makes me wonder
Why do these girls look so good in the summer?
Out there on the humble. I tried to score her number
She don't wanna, oh gee whiz. Well, that's a bummer
Come springbreak and that disco dance
And I had saved a couple hundreds for that one hot brand
My size 8 Mutumbos and they're all like damn
Same one, just last week, that said to talk to her hand
I'm like baby, I know, I know. They're pretty damn flipping
I tried to tell you yesterday your face wouldn't listen
Jersey all Rodman, shorts all Pippen
Don't wanna grow up cause I'm a true Fu Schnicken
By the Graveyard like that whole sh*t ours
Kicking dust with Manso. I ain't seen him since March
But I still like Tanisha
And I still wanna fingerbang my little brother Francki's old kindergarten teacher

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