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Anik Khan


Truth is I ain't shook my shadow
Everything is tryna' trip trick the [?]

[Verse 1]
Uh, truth is I haven't shook my shadow
I done left the past for the cash and some samples
Got a lot haters out here looking baffled
Laying with a nice lil' thing watching scandal
Feeling like a pharaoh, golden apparel
Tecs what I loved with my hands on the barrel (breathe out)
Books and sh*tting on the angle (get down)
And now I'm making music in Manhattan (ta-dah)

[Chorus 1]
Ay, my mama ain't believe me
Until I brought home some money that made it easy
Now if that's the root of all evil
I'm gon' stay down to earth, countin' C-notes
See I got it f*cked up like a sequel
'Cause this plant stay pleasin' my people pleasin' my people

Light it up, spark it in the air we go, hit the jail like his cartel was in here If its', for the hustle don't you interfere 'cause she'll go peach for your pair (yeah)

[Chorus 2]
My daddy ain't believe me
Until I brought home some paper that made it easy (yeah)

[Verse 2]
Truth is I'm a f*cking pirate
Practising my vices feeling like Biden
Living like Obama when he first had a lady
All my broads dumb like when Gotti got indicted, violent
Part of me that's some Queens sh*t
Button down [?] this denim jeans sh*t
Remember when they said I wouldn't be sh*t
Now it's crack of dawn, hustle like a fiend b*tch

[Chorus 3]
Ay, my teachers ain't believe me
And now these kids listen to me like I was teaching

[Verse 3]
Now if I got that much influence
I make sure not to get that into it
We all playing in the game called sim city
And I'm tryna' find a game that you can build with me, build with me
Likkle shot, one time one time
Pretty girl, buss whine buss whine
If you try teef me for my ride, you should read in between the lines (right)

[Chorus 4]
My people ain't believe me
Until I brought back some money, now sh*t is easy (yeah)


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