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Saturday Night Live

"Dongs All Over The World"

[Aidy Bryant:]
Hey, did you guys hear about Janelle?
[Cecily Strong:]
Oh yes, turns out her man has been pimping all over the world
[Anna Kendrick:]
Yea, he's got hoes in different area codes
[Sasheer Zamata:]
That's hot!
[Kate McKinnon:]
And you know what girls? That gives me a nasty idea

[Verse 1]
[Kate McKinnon:]
We're tired of sittin' home while the guys have all the fun
So were gettin' on a plane gotta show 'em how it's done
[Aidy Bryant:]
Flying International with one thing on our mi-inds
And it's not the type of thing you find in a travel guide

[Pre-Chorus: Sasheer Zamata]
Not looking for art museums
Not looking for mausoleums
This ain't the trip to Seum

We just want those

[Chorus: All]
DONGS! All over the world
London, Paris, Tel Aviv
DONGS! All over the world
Every womans fantasy
DONGS! All over the world
Mi amo nasty girl

Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong
Dongs all over the world

[Verse 2:]
Coming SOON!

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