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"My days"

As soon as mi a wake up in the morning mi a stretch this yah big pot of glue
I give thanks for the time I give thanks for the day cause I know this yah one a go new
mi grab a cup then mi roll a pot still mi a love when the sun is shining over you
I wish my day could be longer
nah go away to fast cause mi nah want to pree the past
to fast
mi tell you down by the road where them a busy and broad
man a chill out and love what mi a do
mi deyah kick back at ease man a smile in the breeze
when you come up the way fi pass through
mi give a kiss use it like a clue
cause mi nah go run all the day after you
I wish my day could be longer

Stretch up my days
cause mi nah want pay the price
them run away away away away
stretch up my day my day my day my day

When you hang around with me a year is like a second we wll agree
slowly we ll be in our way yo love eternally
so I waste no time like i did no crime, put your hand in mine
I won't go away you are mine
when you go so far from me it feels like eternity
I’m rising high like a bird so free
I wish my days could be longer

This is my only condition
want live for love and affection
gwaan with your love ammunition
stretch up my day

I make pretty pictures on the wall
I have no one left to call
I see you In the miror when i look Into my eyes
when i look into my eyes
and i never forget when i look up to the sky
waiting for you tonight
and my days won't get any longer So i pray for Life i pray for your love

Falling down in the red sun
I slowly fade away
sorry for the tear drop my brothers
but i’m gone away

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