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Mir Fontane

"Before The Locs"

Her warm and tender touch
Her kiss and her caress

Here’s an open letter to relieve some pressure
Who knew how fast my life would change when I released the record
Sometimes I want to break down but God keep it together
Still tryna keep you involved, I hope you notice the effort
I had a meeting with my brothers to explain things
Because we ‘bout to be rich and we heard money change things
We went from no pot to p*ss in just some n*ggas with vision
To naked pictures from random b*tches, this sh*t is different
Life changing before my eyes it’s hard being consistent
Even in the same room I know you feel the distance
Play with my ears while you venting and sh*t I still ain’t listen
I came to you with good intentions but make poor decisions
I haven’t heard from Lala since the first tour
Pride won’t let us text first it’s like a silent war
She said to come back a new man and not a baby boy
I came back she got a new man and a baby boy
But baby boy got his eyes on a Taraji P
Lil mama take the D and make tacos for me
It shut down in the city sh*t is still crazy
You pressure me for a kid these n*ggas killing babies
I just came back from Vibe they f*cking with vibe
I do it for the gang I do it for the side
We all on the same quest I ride for my tribe
In the ER but I’ll die to keep this sh*t alive
n*ggas I would’ve died for, they wasn’t f*cking for me
n*ggas I used to idolize is really f*cking corny
Snakes in the grass, they don’t hiss they like to f*cking [?] me
They box me in, I fade away I’m really f*cking Kobe
I’m really f*cking Kobe
Lebron bron in his prime, a young Bruce Wayne in a city of crime
Had n*ggas I came up with decide to take the fiend trip
Same n*gga I used to share tickets at Chuck E. Cheese with
City eat you alive if you don’t know who you is
Them n*ggas coming inside if that dough in your crib
So grab the weight, grab your 38 from the top of the fridge
Watch your pockets, watch your back and who’s watching the kids?

Her warm and tender touch
Her warm and tender touch

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