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Mir Fontane

"Theme Song"

“Now Darnell turn that beat down!”

[Verse 1]
Before we get started
I’ll say hi my name is Martin
I go harder than The Carter
But nah, ain’t from New Orleans
I’m the real fresh prince I’ll pull Willis out a Carlton
Oops I mean a coffin, tell the haters hop off ‘em
n*ggas spittin’ sick sh*t, the flow covered in anthrax
The hottest n*gga underground, I should work for Amtrak
Please don’t talk that fly sh*t cuz that’ll get ya mans wet
Buckshot buckshot, like the back of Pam’s neck
And Tommy still ain’t got no job
And Gina still got them lips to suck a corn off a cob
This ain’t ya average episode of “Martin and Friends”
Just sit back, press play, and let the story begin
It’s Fontane, man

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