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[Verse 1: Cameron Uzoka]
Paramedics howl at a midnight sun
4 am blood stains on the edge of timeless
Illuminating light responds with a loaded gun
A white man in a wedding dress captivating his lung
How did he get there
All he wanted was beat
Ran the postcode from a street
Networking sold white from a mobile phone
He called lizzie up he said baby meet me at home
She has a figure that'l make maths teacher solve nglish papers
Cause a breakdancer to azonto on the equator
He got it in, boyfriend was out
His whereabouts, brudda he's got a house off of Prince Regent
Snuck threw his window
Strally.near his testicle
Saw the kat, then unstrapped
GTA 2014
All cause of the queen
So tell me Who's the real killer

Terrorism in central london
Youths in somalia, looking for bread on a dailyy
Billionaire who never shares, politician who never cares
So Tell me whos the real killer
Hitler, and Mussolini
Facism segregation, the cancer patients who need me
President Truman kills Hiroshima before his dinner
So tell me who's the real Killler

[Chorus: Zahara]

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