Vincent Blue (빈센트블루)

"Ltns (eng)"

It's been a while, you haven't changed
You're right that we'll meet again
I have nothing to say to cover anymore, yeah
So now I don’t know what to say

It's been a while, you haven't changed
You still have a lot of secrets
Now it’s time to let go of you, yeah
I still have something to say

Woo Let me love you
Just like this for today
Woo Let me hold you
There is no tomorrow
Lonely Lonely What you said
The answer is not long
Woo I can't stop this song

With an awkward greeting for a while
After melting the frozen things between each other
Pickin' up whatever's lеft of us
I get weak when I stand in front of you

Thе faded promise of the future that has already become the past
You talk calmly, I am alone again
My head goes blank, what kind of sign is this?
I don't know, put it off after this night
Let's do that
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