[Chorus: Hi-Rez]
Now I've been at the crossroads (yeah)
Got a lot upon my mind
I could really use this time
Because everybody cutthroat (yeah)
Always wasting all my time
Getting really sick of tryin'
Homie you don't really want smoke (naah)
All the choices that I make
I just really gotta pray
Because I've been at the crossroads (Yeah)
I've been at the crossroads

[Verse 1: Hi-Rez]
Then there's a special way I kickin'
When I'll be writing these writtens
My notebook is looking like some Biblical scriptures
Hi-rez and Kr$na
Don't mattеr if you Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist
'Cause music is my religion
And my vision lookin' picturе perfect
Am just a different person
But if you 'wanna test me
You'll see my pistol workin'
I'm submerged in these haters mind
And success is not a destination
Homie It's a state of mind
Was makin' rhymes in my father's house
And doing things that I was not allowed
'Cause most the times he's not around
No food in the fridge
Or money in the bank account
We shouldn't be here right now
We should take a bow
You could never run a mile in these Jordan 3's
They were hating on a kid then
Now they calling me
This rap sh*t flowin' through my damn arteries
And shoutout to India, that country now a part of me

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