Ucci Ucci
[Nicki Minaj]
Yippie yay ki-yo, Check up on the bio
That lettuce & tomato, don't forget the mayo
Just 'cuz I know they bite my style
Gucci carry-on and that's for Fido
(Let's get it now)
Ucci, coochie got some good Gucci
When I'm on the beach, I got some good Pucci
See me in the hood like French fries and a 2-piece
When I'm in the club, they Nicki Minaj groupies
Okay, off with your coofie-coofie
You know I got that flava, call me foofy-foofy
What you know about the Gucci suit?
Gucci coupe, soft top Gucci roof
Listen, I'm that chick, I'm that chick
All y'all mutha-ooh! betta sign my check