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Ivan B


What's the point of living life
If you never even try?

[Verse 1: Josh A]
It's so wonderful, wonderful
Swear this is so wonderful
They wonder when I'll leave
But I just started getting comfortable

This everything I do
Writing till my fingers blue
Talking all that trash
You need to find a different point of view

What's the point of life if I feel so
Down in the dumps, I need dough
Can't get enough, lost like Nemo
These doubters want me to bleed slow

But fans ask me to proceed
Parents say I'm a pro seed
This music is what I live for
I almost turned to codeine

Been in the lab like a fiend
Learning guitar, fingers bleed
Synonymous with my heart
It's like the pain what I need

To write these songs
Kind of ironic I write these wrongs
To write these wrongs
Sorry for the wait didn't mean to be long

I'm up and down like a sea saw
And to everybody else I seem off
I put my soul into this music
Got no drugs I'm abusing except my ethic....love you guys


[Verse 2: Ivan B]
What you know about a kid up on his grind
What you know about the world up in his mind
See I've been chasing these visions
About to hit me, collision
I'm feeling fly like some pigeons

They like my drive well I'm driven
I got my team up on my back
Phone be ringing all the time
Like when you coming back

And this girl be wilin' out like I ain't even want you back
Then she see a pic on instagram, text me where you at

And I ain't bout these little games
I ain't bout these little things
Tryna make it really soon so I can buy some better things

Cause you get it when you want it
Put my dreams up in the air
And best believe I went and caught

Man this life is just a picture
Pick the colors you want on it
Working for a dream you gotta
Feel it when its coming

This is all I ever do I hit the ground and I've been running
And this is all I ever do I hit the ground and I've been running


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