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Big Tymers


[Verse 1 - Manny Fresh]
See these broads, I like em and sh*t
Wish I could give all these hoes a picture-of-my di*k
See I like em and psyche em, then I get in the win
I might just need you and leave you at a quarter past ten, but
I ain't gonna lie, your pus*y was good
But your mouth is better so I wish you would
Work your way down to the diznick
It feels so good when you do the liznick
You got me doing push-ups and I'm taking ginseng
(Let's get ready to rumble!) In the middle of the ring
You got my di*k hard like a '57 Chevy
Rocked up, ya c*cked up, cause I'm ready
To go up in ya, let that other n*gga send ya
Cards and sh*t while you suckin my di*k
I like you a little bit more than I'm diggin my shirt
Ya little pretty ass di*k suckin expert, beeyoch!

[Hook - Lil Wayne]
See I love these broads but I toss em up quick
Every trick that I get, they get flipped through the clique

[Verse 2 - Birdman]
These broads, n*gga, I wish that I could love em all
These broads, n*gga, I wish that I could f*ck em all
These broads, I let these hoes just drive my car
But these hoes know one thing: that I'm a superstar
These hoes get out of line, I'mma show 'em I'm a hog
And now that I'm rich, I show these hoes that they ain't sh*t
And every ho I f*ck with, I make suck my di*k
It ain't no secret, I know these hoes about my money, sh*t
But I tell a ho quick, that she ain't sh*t
My main ho Clare, I don't make her suck my di*k
I might just get loose and wanna kiss my b*tch
But now that I got a daughter, I'm supposed to be light on a b*tch
But I'm gonne be hard on these hoes for life, sh*t
I'm a true U-P-T player for life, sh*t
But I'mma say it again, I don't love no b*tches
I about my money, n*gga, and f*cking these b*tches


[Verse 3 - Birdman]
Now I dunn been here for 25 years
I understand one thing: that life is a b*tch
I dunn lost my ma and my pa, my brother and my sister all up in one year
I understand one thing, I gotta ball til I fall
And show these hoes that money ain't no thang, dawg
See, I tell a b*tch that she ain't sh*t
And at the same time ask that ho to suck my di*k
See, I don't take money and mix with no b*tch
Cause one thing, these hoes would lose they mind and get lost quick
It ain't no secret, I make these hoes think I'll pay their sh*t
But I keep it real and I pay my n*gga's sh*t
I say, "f*ck a ho," and make these hoes back up
I keep it real and f*ck with n*ggas who'll act up
And kick in your front door, your ho told my n*gga where your dope
Now you stuck out like a ho!
And my n*ggas dunn hit a lick from your b*tch
And all you hoes mad cause we dunn hit your sh*t


Birdman: Now that was beautiful Baby. How you love that? Wassup wassup, me, with these b*tches
I like gettin my di*k sucked, that's the only way I can get it. What's happenin

Lil Wayne: Dawg...I like to get full of that enema and Kool-Aid...go all night

Birdman: Yea...I get full of the Crystal, that sh*t get a n*gga hot. b*tch know one thing: she f*cking with Baby, she gonna scuff her knees up, it's just like that. On the other hand, Lil One, what's happenin, what you workin with, what's in your pockets foo?

Lil Wayne: (mutters) I'm playing with about...15

Birdman: Well...if he got 15 then you know I got 45. Wassup. Cadillac wassup boy? Uptown for life. Drivin nothing but new cars and f*ckin these broads. We pimp with our nose closed now boy! We about to have big thangs! Pretty broads! Nothing but new cars! It's all gravy, baby, believe that. Hot Boyz...it don't stop till the casket drop. It ain't gonna move unless the paper move

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