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"Do Yo Thug Thang"

[Intro: 2Pac]

[2Pac speaking on the One Nation album]
We got to get the n*ggas that runnin' out of here
So that's what we do
Let the gone, now
Now we got One Nation
With Greg Nice, Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun
Smif-N-Wessun, Melle Mel, Scorpio, The Luniz
Snoop, Kurupt, Daz, Me, Scarface, Kokane
Bone Thugs, Spice 1
All of 'em on my sh*t
One Nation
And it's just to hit my nation
All the real n*ggas that I recognize in the game

With that mutherf*cking n*gga Yukmouth
Doin' that sh*t for Rap-A-Lot
So grap your gat a lot, n*gga
Young n*ggas on the rise, motherf*cker

Get 'em, get 'em, get 'em

[Verse 1: Napolean]
n*gga this is war
We get the sh*t together right now, n*gga
After midnight
This full pound gon' make some sound, n*gga
Kick in the door
I throw your wife on the couch
I put my di*k in her mouth
And put that sh*t in and out
Outlaw no doubt
Ha, what you don't talk some sh*t
Ha, what make Napolean flip
I blow your
Backbone to your motherf*ckin' lap hoes
If you wig it, I'ma take it down
Who do you, gotta stay low
Ha, make a move, n*gga
When your sure improved, n*gga
Outlaw soldier
Take it to school, n*gga
We rule n*gga
Have it
Will rap about your gat or won't you grab it
Feelin' hot like a weapon
Gettin' 16 for my automatic
Thugged out to the overdoses
You n*ggas got to sell 'em some sh*t
You probably thought you could leave quick
It ain't happenin' b*tch
It's hard to get mob on mine
Outlawz my spine
It ain't hard to find
But get ya, and lay low
And get ya pis by the dough
I keep my sh*t on c*ck, cause Makaveli said so
I keep my sh*t on c*ck, cause Makaveli said so


If you
[E.D.I. Mean]
Got to get your money on
From night till mo'
You better
Then do yo thug thang
If you
Buy Chronic by the zone
Then get yo smoke on
Then do yo thug thang
If you
[Young Noble]
Resign the streets
Because you love to bang
Then do yo thug thang
If you
Don't give a f*ck about life
I lost my family twice
So I'ma
Then do you thug thang

[Verse 2: E.D.I. Mean]

I been what is know as a bandit
You better hand it over
If you wanna see your grandkids
I don't give a f*ck
Cause Makaveli planned it
But when it's said and done
In the streets
We can handle it
Do yo thug thang, o really
You don't wanna see me silly
With fully loaded 9 milli
When it get to spittin'
You gon be sittin' me
I'm makin' you ass history
I'm the epidemy of everthing you fear
Crystal clear
Pistol there
In the air
I hit you there
Hit you there
Then I'm out of here
With your Cartier
And your hottie head
Between knees
I got on the clean knees
You ain't see no
Thugs like these
With slugs like these
We rush tightly
All in together now
Makin' it mo better now
Layin' competitors down
Ahead of you now
Superial style
Grand imperial thug world
I'm rougher for rhyme
I had you wanted for mine
While I'm gunnin' for mines
Thought it was gone, but still on
We commin' to town
You rainin', clickin' n*ggas
That will see us, man
But if you think
You can't do yo thug thang, n*gga

[Interlude: Yukmouth]

f*ck You
f*ck the Outlawz
f*ck the Regime

[Verse 3: Young Noble]

If you ain't
Lovin' this thug sh*t
You must be a b*tch
Can't compete with the bricks
All the drugdealers rich
Or try to get in
Try to hustle and pear
Walkin' up and down block all day
'till the rest of the fiends get here
A b*tch named Tarifa
She owned 300 thugs
On a n*gga to hold her beaver
From the blow I fronted
And do yo thug thang
Rappin and fightin' drugs slang
I can blast you with one hand and have you
Losin' your brain
Abusin' the game
So now you're in danger
Lyrically I ruin your name
And keep one in the chamber
Nasty new street slugger
Catch you with a boxcutter
Used to fight with my brother
And run the spot with my mother
You get after, ask her quick
And sh*t blast the b*tch
f*ckin' around with this Outlaw sh*t

Get your thug on n*ggas
Ha, then do yo thug thing


[Verse 4: Yukmouth]

n*ggas used to hit me up
Till they see that f*ckin' Regime
Stick me up, up in the sky
Firebreatin' dragon
n*ggas bout to die
n*ggas feel like Armageddon
When I be headin'
And wait n*ggas up at they own wedding
With they own weapons
Ghetto lesson number one:
Never try to go to war without your gun
n*ggas get done
Since I quit f*ckin' with Num
I did once like Big Pun
Off the books
Have your body in a coffin up
n*gga I'm off the hook
Like a phoneless chuck
That burned out
Thugged out and turned out
Set that motherf*cking perm out your head
n*ggas dead
If you ain't Regime, or Outlaw
Kiss the ring
I do my thug thing without y'all
Matter of fact
I gives a f*ck about y'all
Put a n*gga up in a ho
Just like a ground hole
Thanks of the Hounddogg
They finally found y'all
Leavin' [?] on your face
And about 12 motherf*ckin' bodies
Hangin' around y'all
I do my thug thang
Dopin' in and out of lanes
And I must thank
Tats on my arm
I better ring the f*ckin' alarm
Or be the first that get mashed on
n*gga, do yo thug thang

[Chorus: x2]


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