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"M.F.C. Lawz"

Yeah, Heltah Skeltah (Outlawz)
MFC, almighty
Ruck, yeah, yeah

Verse 1:
I spit the vocab (vocab) while most fags, go grab/
Notepads and brag about they b*tch coach bag/
I'm layin' in the cut, ready to blast and twist/
Any n*gga who be thinkin' I'm a pacifist/
Yo' ass get this, know you couldn't last in this/
When you ask of the force of the Magnum, b*tch/
Yo drag this di*k, head n*gga out the car/
Smack 'em up with the heater, give his face some scars/
I hate when y'all, n*ggas try to disrespect/
Techniques, next week I will disconnect/
Your f*ckin' head of your shoulder, when the dread come below the/
Boom, black been pullin' mad sh*t from his holster/
Smack ya with accurate lyric loaded transistor/
On your radio they don't know sh*t about the inflict-ster/
Know y'all n*ggas slept on, me so I crept on/
The Ave., then the mack left more buried than Steffon/
Yes y'all (hahahahahaha) Who the best in the indusphere/
In the vicini'y n*gga that disagree than send 'em here/
Plenty years, I been puttin' motherf*ckin' plenty fear/
In the heart of these b*tch ass n*ggas when my semi tear/

Who we be?
We be the B double O-T-C,-A-M-P
Who we be?
We be the O-U-T-L-A,-W-Z

Verse 2: Rock, Young Noble
Livin' this hell like the Skeltah
Who can I trust
[Young Noble]
Move emotionless
Puffin' this vibe we got among us
I'm sick of n*ggas livin' legal
So we got some Outlawz
[Young Noble]
Push the Southpole
Mad n*ggas don't get punched in they mouth hard
[Young Noble]
I got y'all
Snatchin' guilty tactics cause you're ashtray
Straight up faggots
My Mag spin to make a n*gga backwards
[Young Noble]
Attack sh*t like some full blooded pimps for sin
With tens aimed at your rims (?)
[Young Noble]
Named man with a vengance I'll make you late for attendance
Now I get so stupid
n*ggas couldn't complete full sentences
[Young Noble]
We livin'
Every single day at full speed, full breed, thugs be
f*ck with this, you bleed (you bleed)
Now we're keepin' best act boy at Alcatraz
[Young Noble]
Out for cash
Moreno brought it down blast
[Young Noble]
Oringal done clock n*ggas, f*ck these rap n*ggas
And these rats out for cheese (?)
[Young Noble]
What they need is all together
All my thugs is to perform
If you ain't down for the cause
You can get the f*ck off
[Young Noble]
Ya see the moral of the song
Is get paid and move on
If you ain't down for the cause
You can get the f*ck off
[Young Noble]
Crooked cops and politicians
Tryin to lead the people more
Y'all ain't down for the cause
You can get the f*ck off
[Young Noble]
Every day I wake
Thank the lord, I made it to the mall
Livin' strong and get it on
You can get the f*ck off

Verse 3:
5:49 in the AM, situation mayhem
Situation made him
Took his last step
Crooked came watch his life end
Bury 'em
In the game of who's applause
Heltah Skeltah made it on
Till them thug nation Outlawz
Follow course
If you ain't free ya fall
Hit 'em up, one-by-one, crew-by-crew, f*ck 'em all
Say Napoleon stay strong
Steady eyes, perfect shot
You got a 9 inch b*tch?
I got a 9, hollow point
Just to f*ck on some playback sh*t
When y'all can c*ck
You make enemies for what
And I ain't stoppin' till you die
sh*t is hot like the weed spot on Amsterdam
Consume your made man
Before your whole plans gotta be revenge
Ah no dance to this
Let Jehovah be ya witness
Another life as long as Michelle
Mind of the instend
Thug, so it is to see
Washed in the blood I bleed
Cause the real war sh*t is movin' fast

Verse 4: Napoleon, Doc Holiday
We Operating Under Thug Lawz As Warriorz
Doc Holiday let's stock 'em up
They get in the line so f*ck 'em up
They talk to much, but don't wanna bust
[Doc Holiday]
Yo Napoleon, why these n*ggas trippin'
Greedy bad boy made 'em slippin'
We in Cali (?)
We make it side to side
Ain't doin' it right
For my poor dad
b*tch all my life
[Doc Holiday]
And the true life
These true gods
Stick you up like (?)
These partners
And MC Outlawz his highness
When these sneakers behind us
Best stress out to find us
[Doc Holiday]
Who,ho mind yourself
And your help
Damage when I get the belt
When your bailed
f*ck your belt
[Doc Holiday]
I let you jam
Life's a b*tch
[Doc Holiday]
Never then
Never leave no evidence
[Doc Holiday]
Confident, take you fore them presidents

[Young Noble]
We ain't to steal
Forever ride
[Young Noble]
Why not?
Mad as f*ck
Cause I can get the n*ggas out for your pride
[Young Noble]
While I'm Young Noble
I represent for my young soldiers
No doubt we cabbin' to tore sh*t
And all sh*t is over

[Voice of intro]
Heltah Skeltah
Doc Holiday
What what

n*gga, you don't like what the f*ck you heard
So you can get the f*ck off
And Makaveli rest in peace
Makaveli the Don
Killa Kadafi thug in peace

Chorus till fade

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