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"I Dare U"

You gotta feel this
Even if you hate my guts
What it takes to come up
A & R gettin' taped the f*ck up
Labels stuck on followin' trends
I'm sick of the game
It's time for a change
Ain't no need to pretend
Just a team when 'Pac started this thug sh*t
For the hood
Pitchin' is the f*ckin thangs we get
The game so fickle
n*ggas pop sh*t with no pistol
Only 12 years old
I sold nickels
Just a young n*gga comin' of age
I was one of the slaves
Til the underground catchin' the train
Uptown, comin' back with the cane
Long tops and all
We Outlawz, go home or go hard
Most intense flow
From the calmest dude
Raw moves have you filled with a bombin' fluid
I was born to be a Outlaw
My momma knew it
Drama, karma
I put my momma thru it

Motherf*cker I dare you
Step up to a n*gga like me
With a name like mine
Motherf*cker I dare you
To pass up on a n*gga like me
Like you ain't got time
Motherf*cker I dare you
To think yo family was starvin'
A n*gga wouldn't rob you blind
Motherf*cker I dare you
To give in, gon' get it
Cause a n*gga stay on his grind
Motherf*cker I dare you

It's me, Kastro
King Kash and rusty
I'm classy dusty
My balls is husky
I shed blood for what I love
And thus me
Would ratha' die before I let you cowards budge me
Naw, I simply won't allow it
OG's showed me death before dishonor
I ain't doubted
When I got grounded by my momma
I pouted
And when I hit that first shot of Vodka
I downed it
Now I keep a pistol with me everywhere I go
And paranoid and I ain't tryna keep it on the low
Just so you know you not f*ckin with a hoe
And I stay open like a corner store
Call me corner-stro
Please don't get it twisted
Why even risk it
Play a n*gga distance
This is, not a warning or a f*ckin threat
I'm all in
My money on the table
Ya bet


Six million ways to die
And many stories in the city
That's why when you see me
My attitude is sh*tty
Now I ain't scared of the terrorist
But the law my enemy
Bush and his homies
Got plans for me
And n*ggas with skin color similar to mine
It's a catch-22 if you livin' off of crime, and
Most of the n*ggas I know, don'
Lost hope
Either be rappin' or be sellin' some dope
It's a helluva road
It's a hard time for hustla's
Deep in the game
We reapin' the pain for money
And ain't sh*t funny
So I don't f*ck with clowns
In any town
Im only around those who stay down
Get pain now (now)
Yeah that's what's sup
It's too much money in this game for me to pass it up
So cut the check dawg
It's so simple
Or have n*ggas like me comin' thru ya window.. window

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