Izaya Tiji


(I'm not into you)
(I miss you Angel)

I got so many sons
Hoes all on my d**k
My bro, pour 4 for fun
And, he can barely think
Don't put yo nose in that blood money, bullets where u blink
I hold my own, but I 'm stuck
They see that i'm geeked
I hold my pole when it flood with the f**kin' police, (yea)

Stay down, got a crib, could've bought a rollie
Big titty, 50 round, look like rollie pollie
I was off the percs too much, somebody need to score wit' me
I just smoke way too much, start talkin' when I'm lonely
And, if they get my twin, the whole city floatin'
When I got that stick, you can hear them shots goin', (boom, boom, boom)
They didn't have my pistol, that's the opp slogan
See wanna f**k me slow, I got that lil potion, (yea)
I'm from west coast so I got no еmotion, (butterfly doors open up and yeah it's all potеnt)
I miss some of my n***as, and I feel so lonely
Please don't play with my n***as, they got that pole on 'em
Yea I'm sneaky, yeah, walk with that blicky
He don't know it's me, I got my hood up in every state
I smoke [?] like everyday
Run it up everyday
Then ball it up everyday
She want me like, everyday
She call me like, everyday
I can't say I wish them well, but I know some real n***as who get 'em killed they wish them well, yea
Watch how it feel, rich life
Watch how it feel when we slide, (slide)
Pull it out the lot, yea, yea
Then pull it out the spot, yea, yea
Pull her out her spot, yea, yea
Then she gon' give me top, yea, yea
I say who the boss, yea, yea
I say who the law, yea, yea, yea, yea
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