My fault


I don't wanna leave no more
But I still can't take this pain
That's real, you can put the blame on me
But don't blame me when you learn how I feel
Every good thought that I got goes round
Running laps in my brain and then gets killed
Mama told me that I'm crazy
But that's how I get when I'm stressed
Taking these pills
Gotta up the dosage, I can never focus
Morning approaches, wake up
Feeling so tired, gotta get higher
People hate me when I take drugs
Then I get nauseous, trynna solve problems
Left with no options, this sucks
Everyday nonsense, taking in toxins
Won't be alright when I give up
When I give up (X2)
Let me give up

Then tell me is it my fault, that I felt that way and
Is it my fault that I left that day
Is it really my fault that you let me fall
Can't return your call
When I'm in my grave, tell me

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