Pop Smoke

"Meet the Woo"

This is a Melo beat
Traphouse Mob

Baby girl, come and meet the woo
She know we keep a tool
Big knockin' on my body
Watch who you speaking to
(Girl, watch who you speaking to)
Baby girl, come and meet the woo
Big knockin' on my body
The beat went off?

I call Ace Makaveli, got treesh in the 'telly
Shawty wan' f**k off a glass of some Henny
Don't call my phone, got the feds on my celly
Flight to Miami, put d**k in her belly
Wanna make bread, tell her open up Welly
TD, OA, Tander, Citi, Chevy (Woo)

Pull up in Rovers, catch him, it's over
Spinnin' like Julius Sover
Shoot down Hawthorne, shooting like Korver
Put that boy head on his shoulders
Swerving, give him two shots if he twirling, uh
Burn him, I promise it's gon' be a murder
If I catch him, I hurt him
Sliding, I murk him
Look at that boy looking nervous
I got one thing for sure, I got two things for certain
Wrap that boy up in a curtain, uh
Touchy, I drop thirty-eight on his touchy
I made it flip off this uppy
I turn that boy to a duppy, uh
Balmain, true blue, ocean
Mystery, potion
Back out, toast him
Pop Smoke run him over, over, over
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