Pop Smoke


Rico's going crazy again
Yeah (Uh?)
Look, look (CashMoney, CashMoney, AP)

[Chorus: Pop Smoke]
I like my b*t*hes redbone, ass fat, Jell-O
Lightskin, yellow, iced out, hello
I'm the king of New York, Melo
Black hair by the regis and pello
Ask around, n***as know me
I'm a Europe boy, Ginóbili
I like my b*t*hes redbone, ass fat, Jell-O
Lightskin, yellow, iced out, hello
I'm the king of New York, Melo
Black hair by the riches, say Pelo
Ask around, n***as know me
I'm a Europe boy, Ginóbili

[Verse 1: A Boogie wit da Hoodie]
I been so gone, I like redbones
My type light skin, ass fat, Jell-O (Huh?)
But b*t*hes be switchin' sides nowadays on the regular
I never respected it, money over b*t*hes, I know that's everything
Money over b*t*hes, I know that's hot
Rockin' VVS by Elliot wedding bands
I will never ever give her no wedding ring
.45 on my hip, I ain't fightin' 'em
Chewin' on an Adderall like a vitamin
n***a pockets be on E
Something they already know but I'm drivin' a T
They makin' up rumors and lies, okay, I'm sick and I'm tired
I'm mighty fatigued, none of my b*t*hes be mine
They coulda been one of yours, but they out of your league
I'ma just call up Fatimah
Nah, that ain't really her name, but she for the team
I get fly as a b*t*h like I looted up
All this money you talkin' ain't new to us (Woo)
I'm the King of New York, and on God
If Pop was alive, it would've been two of us

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