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Pop Smoke

"Iced Out Audemars"

[Intro: Pop Smoke]
Rico's going crazy again
Iced out Audemars (Audemars)
I got forty thousand
I'm up in all the stores, wait
Hahaha, hahaha
Oh, you feelin' sturdy, n***a?
Look, we 'bout to get sturdy now (Baow)
We 'bout to get sturdy now (Look, shake it)

[Chorus: Pop Smoke]
Iced out Audemars (Audemars)
Got like forty more (Forty more)
Walked in with forty thousand (Forty thousand)
I'm up in all the stores (All the stores)
Bad b*t*h from Baltimore (Baltimore)
And she love Dior (Dior)
She throw a hunnid clip (Clip)
When it rains, it pours (Rains it pours)

[Verse 1: Pop Smoke]
Shawty light and sexy (Sexy)
She like givin' becky
Sexy like she drivin' Lexus (Woo)
Bad b*t*h gon' smack the reverend (Reverend)
Spin your block like Tetris (Tetris)
Longhorn, Texas
I can't f**k no fat b*t*h, never (Nah)
I'm young and reckless
I said I'm shootin' proper
I make 'em Cha Cha

I'm a rocker, I'll boom your casa
Then do the Cucaracha

I order steak with lobster
After I smoke my purple
Southside, Nobu, know I'm global
I'm on a different timin'
My VS diamonds dancin'
This ain't no SI stones

I'm smokin' Runtz in Rome
Ice on my neck, I'm freezin'
If you don't suck d**k, I'm leavin'
Bad b*t*h geekin', showin' cleavage
She know she teasin'
Don't try this at home
This for the rich and famous, uh
Highly educated, patient
Off the Runtz, I'm faded
All my cars updated
Only V-12 engines
All my checks is clearin'
Yours is pending
Only drivin' German
In the Benz, I'm swervin'
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