Hotel Lobby (O.G Version) lyrics

Pop Smoke

I was chillin' in my hotel lobby (Lobby)
When I got a call that n***as tryna find me
I don't really wanna catch a body (Body)
But I got a feelin' n***as tryna line me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I was chillin' in my hotel lobby (Lobby)
When I got a call that n***as tryna find me (Find me)
I don't really wanna catch a body (Body)
But I got a feelin' n***as tryna line me

If I can't do it, homie, it can't be done
I'ma let the champagne bottle pop
I'ma take it to the top
Show you how my n***as rock

My dawgs (Dawgs) stay with it (Stay with it)
Big apes (Apes) in the cave with it (Cave with it)
Free Melly G'z, he in the cage with it
Pop Smoke (Huh), yeah, I stay with it
Summertime, spicy
Got my weight up, now, they like me
You want your bread back? (Huh), come and fight me (Fight me)
Check that (Nike), Nike (Nike)
I done came a long way from the street sh*t
I done knocked a lotta n***as out, G sh*t
I remember when they said I ain't gon' be sh*t (Nah)
Well, I'ma be sh*t (Uh), uh, look (Look)
And I did fifteen on my check-ins
Stash, Daniel can check it
Christian Loub'in, I'm steppin' (Woo)
Had to tell her, she like, "Hol' up a second"
All eyes on me when I step in
Pieces kickin' like Tekken (Grrt)
And I dumped a few slips through the mobile (Yeah)
You can call if they hold 'em
Got the gold back like Trojan
Mansa Musa get used to
Rip my shirt off like Hogan
D's be sweatin' me
Kicked down my door, findin' guns and more
Guns galore

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