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Asian Da Brat

"Crunch Time"

[Intro: VladTV & Asian Doll]
Okay, so you got a single mom with four kids, the, you know, the father just went to jail, I can imagine that being pretty tough
Yeah that sh*t was crazy, it was real crazy but it made me who I am
Aye, yeah!

Deep up in these streets, I was hanging with them drug dealers
It was me and Dreanesha, we had two slugs with us
Thuggin, I came from nothing, I hung with drug dealers
You can’t take away my heart, it ain’t no love in it
Let me tell you ‘bout some real sh*t
I had a deal, but I ain’t wanna have to split sh*t
By December, set a goal, and that’s to get rich
I ain’t got no friends, but it’s okay, I got a Mill sitting

[Verse 1]
Talking to my brother, from a jail cell
I heard the police tell him hang up, you ain’t got no mail
Any n***a disrespect my mother, going to hell
I ain’t posting, with no n***a loving, n***as frail
b*t*hes sucking, snitching disrespecting, other misses
You ain’t in my lane, b*t*h you can’t sit up in my breeches
Talking like you tough, saw you in person, you ain’t with it
Crunching on these b*t*hes, chocolate glizzed on the kitty

Crunching on these b*t*hes, I got hundreds, throwing fifties
Crunching on these b*t*hes, you a hoe, just go and admit it
Crunching on these b*t*hes, heavy weight, you ain’t even fitted
Crunching on these b*t*hes, fix your face and fix your titties
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