Back to Back lyrics

Asian Doll

[Verse 1: NCG Kenny B]
We gon' hit that hoe back to back 'till we move out

[Verse 2: Asian Doll]
Caught her ass lacking
She was standing with a clique after school
I done hit the b*t*h right by the bus
Ion give a f**k, ran up, roughed her up
Turned around then beat her sister dirty ass up
b*t*h you'on like me Ion like you either
Ask my brother, that b*t*h? She a eater
These n***as know Asian Doll don't need em
I'm sliding with a hoe in a beamer 2 seater
I'm still in the hood
Lil b*t*h come see me
My daddy sold dope so n***a I'm needy
I'm fresh likе Fiji
I told that n***a Ion want his heart, keep it
Aye lets go
Walk in thе party don't look too hard
We bound to blow
Who want some smoke?
Turn a f**k n***a into a swisher
Aye bro pour up four
You must do coke
Acting tough
All my n***as stepping with it
They from the O
I was taking sh*t
Better be glad Ion do it no more
[Verse 3: Asian Doll]
Aye we got .30s and semi's
Finessed that lil hoe
They be working at over 10 Denny's
Shoot at his kidney
Bet he won't tweak no more
He talking, he b*t*hing
Now I hold a 50
Do the lean back like 10k, have n***as jiggin
This b*t*h worth a penny
Riding round, get it
I'm up on these b*t*hes with millions
I show no feelings
Ion got no friends
I run with gorillas and killas
b*t*h, hell nah you ain't me
I'm bout my bag, Asian don't do sh*t for the free

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