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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"Beautiful Lie"

After the opening logos, leaves start falling and we hear a voiceover.

There was a time above... A time before...

The camera pans up, two coffins are being carried to a crypt.

There were perfect things. Diamond absolutes. But things fall... Things on Earth...

Cut to another angle, a mansion is seen in the distance, and three people are ahead of the coffins: an elderly man, a British guy with a hat (ALFRED PENNYWORTH) and a boy....

And what falls is fallen.

...who just before entering the crypt starts running.

Master Wayne. Bruce! Bruce, are you alright.

As young Bruce Wayne passes by tombstones, he enters a nearby forest. Cut to black..


Scenes of Bruce Wayne running through the woods and eventually falling down an open trapdoor are intercut with the events that lead to the funeral, where outside a screening of Zorro Bruce's parents THOMAS and MARTHA WAYNE are shot by a mugger.


In the underground cave, Bruce sees an enormous group of bats hanging from a nearby ceiling. They wake up and fly in his direction. Eventually Bruce calms down, is surrounded, and starts floating towards the open trapdoor as the circle of bats fly towards there. As the screen turns to white, the voiceover returns. .

In the dream they took me to the light. A beautiful lie.

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