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The Haunted

"Iron Mask"

These are the tools at hand
And this is what you came for
So rest your faith on some
Solemn note
When I give up on you it's not me being callous
Send me a letter, tell me
How it's going
Just stay the f*ck away from me, until you reach
Some understanding
I give up

The first one is the worst one
Took all I ever had
Well, maybe it's supposed to hurt some, but I can face it knowing;
That after all this there will be some kind of prize to find
But I'm not the man to
Chance it anymore
I spent a lifetime being locked up
In expectancy
Dreaming of truce

Without these chains and iron mask to drag me down
Through veils of bone and bloodline
I can see the lie

It's up to you now
Completion of this
Eyes staring blindly
Back at nothing

So this is where it ends, your promises mean nothing
I will leave you here to die
A pale shadow of what was once

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