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The Haunted


The streets of broken dreams await
The darkness. To bring new souls
Along for the ride. Another statistic
On the sidewalk. Found his peace at
Last. In your stare, lost innocence
Seen all the misery of this world
Lonely ghosts escaping a dismal
Another statistic on the sidewalk
Found this peace at last

It's my final bloodletting
In your stare, lost innocence. Seen
All the misery of this world. The
Hangman's laughter echoes in the
Alleys of the dead
Put an end to the manic frustration
Find my peace at last. Put an end to
This manic frustration.Find my peace
At last
Shed the blood that runs through my
Veins. Bloodletting. When you bleed
Seek salvation in me. When you bleed
Seek salvation in me

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